Where to find the best sausages in Bangkok for your next sausage fest

We had you with this cheeky headline, didn’t we? Here are the best places to buy sausages in Bangkok, for your festive season dinners, Sunday barbecues, or random (and regular) indulgences.

You won’t find your conventional hot dogs here, but rather lamb, spicy, herb sausages here. It’s the good stuff. The good for grilling stuff. The hearty stuff. The stuff that sausage fests should be made of. Read right on for our pick of the mix in Bangkok.

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One of the biggest names in the game of sausages in Bangkok, The Accidental Butcher is a beloved spot for carnivores to get their fair share of meat. They’ve got everything from Wagyu and Angus Beef over to patties for burgers, smoked products, and sausages. Highlights include the poached German Weissewurst, sun-dried tomato and oregano pork sausage, North African lamb sausage (Merguez), and the chorizo. A vast variety packed with plenty of flavour – yes they do mixed sausage plates for the picky amongst us, too.

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Sloane’s is our go-to for many things meat, and we particularly love their British sausages. Did you know that what separates British sausages from the rest is the use of rusk or bread? This keeps the sausages moist and softens their texture, making them ideal for cooking at home. Our favourites here include the Lincolnshire sausage, the Cumberland sausage, and the Pork & Leek sausage. Naturally, they also serve some really good sausage rolls, too.

[Image Credit: Sloane’s]

Rad Meats has a lengthy list of over 15 types of sausages, covering an exciting variety. Priding themselves in crafted fresh and smoked meats, our top picks here include the traditional Kielbasa, Kabanos, and Merguez sausages, as well as the classic breakfast sausages and the cheddar cheese sausage for a special treat. Rad Meats also makes condiments to suit, including sauerkraut, curry ketchup, truffle mayo, mashed potatoes, and more.

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Whilst we normally head to VIVIN Grocery to try their artisanal Thai cheeses, they also have a fine sausage selection to suit. We love the Chipolata sausages made from pork shoulder and pork belly, as well as the Morcilla Lustre blood sausage (divine!). For barbecues, opt for the Lincolnshire sausages or the spicy Italian sausage, and while you’re there, pick up some butter and baguettes to complete the meal.

[Image Credit: VIVIN Grocery]

Steve Foodie Sausages specialises in sausages, so they definitely know what they’re talking about. They’ve got classics like Mild and Spicy Italian sausage, as well as more fiery flavours like Argentine Chorizo and South American sausage. For those seeking something special, try the South African Boerewors or the Black Pepper Thai Angus Beef. Always a treat.

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Launched just in 2021, the Meat House uses homemade spices for its sausages, and has quite an international menu. They’ve got classic favourites like the Cumberland and Italian Fennel sausage, but also Asian-inspired sausages like Korean BBQ and Japanese Teriyaki. Looking for something a little snazzier? Try the Truffle sausage for something extra decadent.

[Image Credit: Meat House]

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