What Is Rod Wave’s Net Worth? (Updated 2021)

Rod Wave
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Rod Wave is the newest hit in the world of rap and R&B music, thanks to the success his music has found on TikTok.

Best known for his single Heart on Ice, this new age rapper isn’t afraid to be vulnerable or sensitive.

Wave uses his music to tell his story of struggling from a young age and the growth that he has been able to see within himself.

Although his music may be mournful, it relates to his audience in a way that other rappers haven’t before.


What Is Rod Wave’s Net Worth?

Rod Wave has a net worth of $2.5 million, which has earned in his time as a rapper.

Although he may be new to the rapping world, it hasn’t stopped him from coming in like a massive tidal wave.

While many other rappers choose to write songs about how tough they are or simply write party anthems, Wave prefers to give his audience heart-filled, sorrowful songs that allow him and his audience to get in touch with their emotions.

The young rapper was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on August 27th, 1999.

Wave lived with his mother and father until they got divorced.

Although Wave remained with his mother, his father was determined to look after him as well.

His father was a street hustler who eventually got sent to prison when Wave was only entering middle school.

Due to the struggling situation his family was in, Wave got into criminal activities to help pay for necessities.

During his high school years, Rod Wave stole cars, sold drugs, and even robbed houses.

However, he eventually got arrested for armed robbery and carrying a concealed weapon.

Wave was able to turn himself around while he was still in high school and joined Lakewood High School.

As he reached his senior year, Wave began to focus heavily on his music.

Rod Wave started recording his own music while he was in high school, but he had been singing since he was a small child.

Originally, he didn’t even want to do anything in music until his older brother asked him to sing some choruses on his mixtape.

His passion for music was sparked by the daily practice that he and his older brother would do.

However, he was a fan of John Mayer and has become a huge fan of Adele.


Creating His Own Mixtapes

Before Rod Wave caught the attention of others, he had to write, record, and produce his own mixtapes.

Having always been a dedicated musician, the additional effort required was no problem for Wave.

Rod Wave’s first self-released mixtape, Rookie of the Year, came out on July 25th, 2017.

At the time, he was only 17 years old. The album had eight tracks that were all written and produced by Rod Wave.

Later that same year, Wave released the first part of his trilogy mixtape set, Hunger Games Vol. 1.

The mixtape had 16 tracks, doubling the amount of work he had to do for his first mixtape.

However, this was the last mixtape that Wave would have to produce on his own.

In late May of 2018, Rod Wave had the second installment of his trilogy mixtape set, Hunger Games Vol. 2.

This was the first mixtape that was produced by Alamo Records, which looks for the young, budding rappers of the new generation.

By the time Rod Wave had finished his trilogy mixtape set with Hunger Games Vol. 3, Wave was only 19 years old.

The mixtape was released on December 7th of 2018 and was the best received of the trilogy.

The songs on this mixtape focused on Rod Wave’s early life and the struggles he faced very early on.

Wave wanted to talk about how much he had grown mentally and emotionally since he was a young, troubled kid.

PTSD goes even deeper into the heart of Rod Wave, discussing the darkest points in his entire life.

From watching his friends get sent off to prison to watching his girlfriend die, PTSD doesn’t hold back.

This was his final mixtape and it had 12 different tracks, which included his earliest hits like Heart on Ice and Popular Loner.


Producing His Own Studio Albums

After only working on mixtapes, Rod Wave was ready for a bigger musical project.

Now that he had the funds and audience to support a full album, Wave knew that this was the next step he needed to take as an artist, and it ended up paying out spectacularly.

Rod Wave’s first album was Ghetto Gospel, which was released on November 1st of 2019.

Produced by Alamo Records and fellow southern rapper Kevin Gates, Ghetto Gospel was able to get 46.1 million on-demand streams.

This earned the young rapper the 31st position on the Elite 100 Artists chart for an entire week.

In the first week of its release, the album had gotten 36 million views alone.

While Ghetto Gospel had done well, Rod Wave’s second album did even better.

Pray 4 Love sold 72,000 units in the first week alone.

A total of 1,000 of the sales were from individual tracks being sold, 2,000 were from the whole album being sold, and 69,000 came from streaming equivalents.

However, this album would help Rod Wave become the 25th highest-paid musician of 2020.

It was seen as his largest commercial success so far.

On the album, Wave has a song about his near-death experience.

Early in 2020, Rod Wave was in a car crash that resulted in his brain bleeding and the young rapper nearly losing his life.

This was also the first project that featured other rappers, including Yo Gotti and Lil Baby.

Wave has always seen his music as an extremely personal thing, so he only shares a song with someone when he feels that they understand the gravity of his lyrics.

Rod Wave’s most recent album has been Soulfly.

This album generated 130,000 scale-equivalent units in the first week alone.


Why Rod Wave Had To Turn Himself In

In an Instagram Live video, Rod Wave explained that he intended to turn himself in to police after he put on his show in Atlanta.

His fans were extremely confused as to why Wave would have to turn himself in, many speculating that he had owned guns illegally or some other type of misdemeanor.

The young rapper turned himself in on September 6th of 2021 after his show in Atlanta, just as he had promised.

Fans were worried that this would result in the rest of his tour getting canceled if he were to go to jail.

However, it was only 48 hours before Rod Wave would be back on tour, performing for live audiences.

Fans didn’t find out why Rod Wave had been arrested until late September, and it wasn’t what they were expecting.

During the fall of 2020, most major promoters and venues were shut down due to the pandemic.

However, Rod Wave still wanted to tour and was willing to sacrifice the quality and size of the venues he was performing at.

In October of 2020, Rod Wave was putting on a show when the stage collapsed underneath him.

Wave was barely able to escape being seriously injured and was furious at what had just happened, leading him to hit the promoter of that show.

Since 2020, it seems that Wave has turned over a new leaf.

When he finished the show he performed after his arrest in Atlanta, he met with his family and a young boy from the Children’s Dream Fund named Julius.

After the show, Rod Wave admitted to Julius that he was a little nervous between songs and didn’t know what to say, asking the young boy if he thinks there’s something the rapper could have done better, but Julius disagreed.


Landing His Deal With Sony And ATV

After finding massive success on TikTok with his song Heart on Ice, Rod Wave caught the attention of Sony and ATV Music Publishing.

It also helped that Rod Wave continued to have two more hits, which were Popular Loner and Cuban Links.

Wave was finding success faster than the music publishing company could sign him on, only solidifying the belief they had in Wave to grow as an R&B musician.

Wave was only 20 years old when Heart on Ice became popular, and he was already a platinum-certified recording artist.

After releasing his second album, Pray 4 Love, Wave’s newest album earned him more than 100 million on-demand streams in only the first week.

Everyone in the music industry can just feel the potential coming off of Rod Wave.

One of his biggest supporters in the music industry is Jon Platt, Chairman and CEO of Sony and ATV.

Jon Platt sees unlimited musical potential in Rod Wave and commends the way he is able to capture an audience through pure, poetic intensity.

Platt wasn’t the only one from Sony who saw what Rod Wave could become.

Another one of Rod Wave’s Sony supporters was the creative manager, Brittany Perry.

Perry appreciated the way that Wave was able to convey feelings of love, life, and loss through unique metaphors.

She believes that Rod Wave has the makings of a star.

Rod Wave is excited to work with Jon Platt, Brittany Perry, and the other members of Sony and ATV Music Publishing.

With Sony’s support, Rod Wave has said that he believes that he can take his music to the next level.

After the announcement of his worldwide music deal with Sony, Audiomack named him as their first “#UpNow” artist. Amazon music helped him reimagine his music video Ribbon in the Sky.


Starting Beef With PnB Rock

Rod Wave is a rapper who is not afraid to tell anyone how he feels about them or their actions, and he wasn’t going to hold anything back when fellow rapper PnB Rock called his music “depressing”.

PnB Rock went so far as to say that he was disappointed in what the future generation of rappers was bringing to the table.

Wave is known for writing songs about his feelings and the hardships that he has had to struggle through, and his fans deeply connect with Wave because of his vulnerability.

Upon seeing the Instagram Story posts that PnB Rock had made, Wave made one of his own.

Rod Wave was not going to hold anything back and tagged PnB Rock directly, telling him to put an address on his next Instagram story post.

He went on to explain that he wasn’t afraid to tell people about how he felt, unlike PnB Rock who wasn’t even willing to address him directly.

In later posts, Wave explained that he was unbothered by the random people on the internet who said similar or worse things about them.

However, he stated that he wasn’t going to give fellow rappers the same level of grace.

Wave warned PnB Rock about stepping foot inside his home state of Florida.

He even cracked a joke about all the rappers wanting to come to Florida, claiming nobody cares about wherever PnB Rock was from.

Rod Wave believes that rappers like PnB Rock aren’t connected with reality anymore, which makes it nearly impossible for fans to relate to them.

When going to one of Rod Wave’s concerts, you’ll notice that fans seem to know every word of his songs, and Wave believes it’s because his fans connect with individual songs that relate to the struggles that they’ve had to face as well.


Becoming One Of The Highest-Paid Artists Of 2020

After a life filled with struggle and pain, Rod Wave has finally reached a point in his life where he doesn’t have to scramble for cash.

While many people saw unspeakable hardships during 2020, Rod Wave was entering the most successful years of his life so far.

Many other musicians were shaken up by the changes that 2020 and the pandemic, trying their hand at a multitude of different services like Cameo and new online concerts they could hold.

Meanwhile, Wave was making his money through publishing, royalties, and streaming.

In 2020, Wave debuted his newest album Pray 4 Love, which instantly reached second place on Billboard 200 and Billboard’s Top R&B Albums chart in April.

This album has songs such as Girl of My Dreams and Rags2Riches, which both held spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Rod Waves was able to make $1.3 million from publishing and an additional $66,400 in royalties.

Royalties are the compensatory payments that are given to the rights holders when people buy the licensed use of music, normally paid out to the songwriter, the recording artist, and others.

While many musicians have been concerned about the rise of digital sales over traditional, physical copies, Rod Wave proves that there is nothing to fear because he was able to be among the highest-paid musicians while only selling digital copies of his music.

Many of the same musicians who aren’t fans of how digital sales are handled also aren’t fans of streaming services such as Spotify because they believe that streaming services aren’t giving musicians the cut of the profits that they deserve.

Again, Rod Wave proves them wrong because he made even more from streaming than he did from selling digital copies of his music.


Rod Wave’s Long Career Ahead Of Him

Rod Wave may be young, but he has had a life full of experiences that have shaped him into the musician that he is today.

Despite being new to the music scene, Wave has proven that he can keep up with top and pre-established artists, such as Travis Scott or Kanye West.

Rod Wave’s music is a direct representation of the emotions he has felt over the course of his eventful life.

Wave is proving to many of the older rappers that you don’t need to be the tough guy to find fans who look up to you.

Music has been what motivates Rod Wave to do better in his life and gives him an outlet to express the feelings he may not otherwise be able to.

By being honest about his feelings and his struggles with mental health, Wave is showing many other young men that it’s okay to mourn or to struggle with things that life throws at you.

Rod Wave has made massive waves in the music industry while barely being in his 20s.

He has a long and fruitful career ahead of him.

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