What Is Marshawn Lynch’s Net Worth? (Updated 2021)

Marshawn Lynch


Marshawn Lynch may be best known for his ability to push himself far beyond what even he believes he is normally capable of.

Although he may have had a rocky introduction to the National Football League and doesn’t always like to play by their rules, Marshawn Lynch has become a legend and favorite among fans.

Lynch has been able to explore careers outside of professional football, doing everything from opening a bar to voice acting for one of his favorite gaming franchises, Call of Duty.


What Is Marshawn Lynch’s Net Worth?

footballer Marshawn Lynch


Marshawn Lynch has a net worth of $35 million.

This legendary Seattle Seahawk may be best known for his impressive plays, but he has managed to expand his career into multiple types of entertainment and even the restaurant business.

Lynch was born and raised in Oakland, California, where he would later devote his time to improving the area.

Football had always been a huge part of his life, being surrounded by his athletic siblings and track star mother.

Marshawn Lynch’s mother had held the 200-meter track record at Oakland Technical High School.

Young Lynch would start playing football in his local youth leagues before going on to be a football star at the same school.

Lynch was able to earn a football scholarship to play for UC Berkeley, where he got his degree in social welfare.

During his college career, he made a name for himself with the way he loved to celebrate his impressive victories.

In 2006 alone, he was a First Team All-American, First Team All-Pac-10, and Bowl MVP.

Despite how well he was doing in college, he decided to skip his senior year to enter the draft for the National Football League in 2007.

This ended up being an excellent decision for Lynch, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

While with the Buffalo Bills, he was able to make a name for himself.

However, Lynch found himself in legal trouble multiple times while on the Buffalo Bills.

Luckily, the Seattle Seahawks were willing to give Lynch the chance to thrive in a new environment and put all his trouble behind him.

During his time with the Seahawks, he earned the nickname “Beast Mode” after he was trying to explain how he was able to pull off his impressive plays.


Getting Into The National Football League

Running back Marshawn Lynch


Marshawn Lynch was taken up by the Buffalo Bills in 2007 for his rookie year in the National Football League.

Across 13 games in his first season, he managed to run to record 1,115 yards and seven touchdowns.

Fans were elated about their new rookie, but trouble would soon arise.

In 2008, Lynch was charged for a bump-and-run case, which caused him to lose his license for the entire year.

Despite having to make time for press interviews and his legal case, Lynch’s performance on the field was even better than before.

Although he only ran 1,036 yards, he managed to make eight touchdowns and appear in his first Pro Bowl.

The following year brought more trouble for Marshawn Lynch, coming in the form of felony charges for the possession of a concealed firearm.

Lynch was arrested and booked, only to be released on a $35,000 bond.

Lynch was able to plead to three misdemeanors instead by fulfilling 80 hours of community service and three years of probation.

Although the National Football League didn’t want to put any kind of hold on the young athlete’s career, they were forced to suspend Lynch for three games.

After his return, he still only played six games.

He was being replaced on the Buffalo Bills by Fred Jackson.

While the media made Marshawn Lynch out to be a troublemaker, his teammates were quick to stand up for his benevolent nature.

For his final season with the Buffalo Bills, Lynch had seriously sprained his ankle.

This meant that he could not run or put much pressure on the leg.

This was followed by Fred Jackson breaking bones in his left hand.

Feeling that his time with the Buffalo Bills was over, Lynch was ready for the change that 2010 brought.


Going Beast Mode

Running back Marshawn Lynch #24


Marshawn Lynch was traded from the Buffalo Bills to the Seattle Seahawks during the 2010 season.

The deal for Lynch was set in stone on October 5th and became known as the greatest trade deadline deal in the history of the National Football League.

Although Lynch was still recovering and wasn’t hitting his normal numbers, the yards that he was able to run were some of the most evasive and precise runs that the Seahawks had ever seen.

The defensive coordinator for the Seahawks, Jeremy Bates, claimed one of his runs was the best one-yard run in the history of the National Football League.

Soon after joining the team, Marshawn Lynch earned the respect of his teammates, one of whom was his college roommate Justin Forsett.

Forsett had worried that Lynch would become homesick in Seattle because of how far away he would be from his family, but Lynch quickly made a family within the Seattle Seahawks.

In 2011, Marshawn Lynch truly ingrained himself not only into Seahawks’ history but into the history of the entire National Football League.

Having earned himself the nickname “Beast Mode” from an answer he gave during an interview, Lynch showed the world what “beast mode” truly meant in the 2011 Super Bowl.

Marshawn Lynch ran as hard as he could to help score the victory for the Seattle Seahawks against the New Orleans Saints.

During his 67-yard touchdown run, the ground began to shake so fiercely that there was seismic activity reported outside of the Seahawks’ home stadium.

This run came to be known as the “Beast Quake”, which was actually more likely caused by the awestruck crowd of Seahawks fans.

Marshawn Lynch would stay with the team until after the 2015 season when he would announce his retirement.


Going Into Retirement

Marshawn Lynch #24 of the Seattle Seahawks


Although Marshawn Lynch enjoyed his time with the Seattle Seahawks, 2015 was an incredibly difficult year for him.

Early into the 2015 season, Lynch found that he had a hernia, which left him unable to play or train like he used to.

Hernia removal operations can be difficult to heal from due to the area of the body that is affected by the hernia’s presence.

By the time that Lynch was finally able to make it back onto the field, he was only able to run 20 yards.

Lynch decided to make his retirement announcement during the Super Bowl of 2016 by simply posting a photo on Twitter of his cleats tied together by the shoestrings and hung on telephone wires with no caption.

For years, Lynch hated press meetings and having to answer questions during interviews.

He often avoided answering questions and hardly gave any interviews, which got to the point that he was fined by the National Football League.

Despite being fined $50,000 by the League for not cooperating during press interviews and completely avoiding them, his fans were more than eager to pay his fines.

However, the National Football League made a deal with Lynch that they would be willing to delay the collection of their fine as long as Lynch appeared for interviews.

To avoid the fines and having to have his fans cover the fines for him, Lynch agreed to the deal.

The money that was raised to pay for his fines was matched by Lynch, and then it was all donated to charity.

At the time, Lynch had a $7 million base salary, so he didn’t feel like he should have the money that fans had raised.

Despite it all, Marshawn Lynch was willing to come out of retirement the following year for only one reason.


Coming Back Out Of Retirement

Marshawn Lynch #24 of the Oakland Raiders


Those who know Marshawn Lynch know that he is incredibly proud of the city he was born and raised in, Oakland, California.

When it was reported that the Oakland Raiders were going to be sold to Las Vegas, Marshawn Lynch knew he wanted to be a part of his hometown’s team during their final year in the city.

Although Lynch had told every person who asked that he was done with professional football, everyone knew that Lynch was as predictable as a pair of dice.

It was March 17th of 2017 when the Raiders made the request for Marshawn Lynch.

The team shared Lynch’s love of their hometown and they knew he was home with his family.

It was bait too tempting for Lynch not to take. Later that month, Lynch had told his agent that he missed playing professionally.

Although Lynch really wanted to join the Oakland Raiders, the Seattle Seahawks still had rights to Lynch.

The Seahawks wanted Marshawn Lynch back so badly and understood his deep connection with his home city, so the Seahawks gave Oakland Raiders their rights to Marshawn Lynch for a single year.

After two seasons with the Oakland Raiders, Lynch became the 31st player to rush 10,000 yards.

On that high note, he decided to retire once more.

During this time, he would go on to continue his other side businesses.

During his second retirement, he became the first chief brand ambassador for the National Football League Players Association.

Although this retirement was incredibly productive for Lynch, he still felt the need to feel the grassy field beneath his feet once more.

This retirement only lasted about seven months before he would join the Seattle Seahawks once more in 2019 for the Super Bowl before retiring again in 2020.


Joining The World Of Entertainment

Marshawn Lynch attends in store appearance


Throughout his later football career, Marshawn Lynch knew that he wanted to do more than just football, so he decided to start taking small roles in movies and make cameos on television shows.

The first role he took was as Massive Goon 1 in Matt’s Chance in 2013.

Although the role wasn’t large, it was enough to give Lynch his first view into what it took to create a movie.

Two years later, Marshawn Lynch and his family would star in the autobiographical movie called Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story.

It was directed by Mario Bobino and written by Damon A. Hart.

After this point, Lynch found more success in television just taking on cameo roles rather than taking on the role of a character.

The first cameo that Lynch ever made was on The League, a comedy show starring Nick Kroll, Katie Anselton, Jonathan Lajoie, Mark Duplass, and Paul Scheer.

His next cameo was on the comedy crime show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, starring Terry Crews, Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, and many more.

He was in the episode The Fugitive, Part 1.

Most recently, Marshawn Lynch has landed the role of Giggles in Westworld.

He can be seen in the episodes Parce Domine, Genre, and Crisis Theory.

The role in the popular science fiction and drama series has proven that Lynch is capable of more than just playing football.

In 2015, Lynch tried a new type of acting.

His first voice acting role was for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, where he voiced one of Danny Li’s henchmen.

Although his work was uncredited, he was still elated to be working with one of his favorite video game franchises.

While appearing on Conan, Lynch discussed his love of video games, especially Call of Duty and Mario Kart.


Running His Own Bar

Retired NFL footballer Marshawn Lynch


In 2018, Marshawn Lynch opened his own restaurant and lounge, Rob Ben’s Neighborhood Soul, which was meant to serve as a welcome center for his hometown of Oakland, California.

The restaurant was named after Lynch’s friend Robert Benjamin, who was shot and killed in Oakland.

The restaurant is best known for serving southern soul food that is smothered in butter.

This restaurant is a family affair for the Lynch family, with Lynch’s Aunt Kecia running the restaurant and kitchen.

Lynch’s older brother, David, runs the bar at the family restaurant.

It’s his first bartending job, but he has a good time working with mostly family members.

Many of the restaurant’s menu items are named after different members of Marshawn Lynch’s family, such as “Momma Lynch” and “Antee Rose”.

There are also Beast Mode-inspired drinks and the Beast Mode Platter, which includes 10 wings, six pieces of fish, six oysters, six prawns, four pork chops, and five large sides for $87.99.

Lynch originally took on the restaurant business after hearing that the aging owner’s a local soul food joint called Scend’s was going out of business.

The retired football star didn’t want to see another black-owned business disappear from his neighborhood, so he decided to buy the restaurant and give it to his aunt, another Oakland native.


Giving Back To The Community

Marshawn Lynch attends the FAM 1st FAMILY FOUNDATION Charity Event


Marshawn Lynch has always played a large role in bettering his hometown of Oakland, in hopes of creating a better future for the children who live there while preserving the culture that originally built the California city.

Part of completing this goal has included becoming the Vice President of Fam 1st Family Foundation, an organization that focuses on helping underprivileged children.

Growing up, people told young Lynch that he’d amount to nothing, even going as far to say he’d be in jail or dead by the time he was 18.

Sadly, many of Lynch’s friends met that fate.

Fam 1st Family Foundation is also led by Josh Johnson and Marcus Peter, two other National Football League Players who grew up as inner-city kids.

Through the use of multiple programs, these athletes are able to give back to the youth who need it most.

Young students who are interested in a career in architecture and design can get an early start on their studies through the organization’s Build It Up program.

Students who are interested in game design or any other kind of programming can join Coding with Hidden Genius, which allows students to study JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Young chefs can learn about cooking, food handling, kitchen safety, and the nutritional benefits of food.

The organization also helps students with homework tutoring through their Unfinished Learning program.

Fam 1st Music Studios teaches children how to create and produce music.

It gives them an in-depth look at the music industry in the hope of creating Oakland’s next rap legend.

Marshawn Lynch may have focused on football during his early years, but he is now devoted to helping his hometown community by supporting their businesses and children.

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