What Is Kevin Costner’s Net Worth? (Updated 2021)

actor Kevin Costner: Red carpet at the Rome Film Fest


Kevin Costner was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood during the 1980s and the 1990s, appearing in movies alongside some of the biggest stars in entertainment at the time.

While Costner may be best known for his acting career, he is also a musician and a versatile business owner.

Costner had learned to put his money into profitable investments that help the world around him.

This entertainer doesn’t let his expertise stop after he gets off the stage.


What Is Kevin Costner’s Net Worth?

Kevin Costner


Kevin Costner has a net worth of $250 million, which has mostly been earned through his acting career and his time as a business owner.

Costner began acting in the early 1980s and is still active in Hollywood to this day.

In the world of film, Costner branched out from acting to become a director and producer as well.

Costner would expand his career even further when he’d become an investor, funding projects with the money he had made from his many roles.

Costner grew up in Compton, California with his parents and his older brother.

Sharon Rae and William Costner had another son between Kevin Costner and his older brother, but he had died at birth.

His father worked as a utility executive after spending years as an electrician, which meant that the Costners had to move frequently.

By the time Kevin Costner graduated, he was living in Orange County, California.

After graduating from Villa Park High School, Costner went on to study at California State University, Fullerton.

Costner was preparing to go into marketing and finance when he ran into Richard Burton, who convinced Costner to follow his secret dream of being an actor.

He moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream, but this meant that Costner had to work odd jobs, pay for acting lessons, and live on very little money.

However, the struggle would prove to be worth the effort when Kevin Costner began to get a string of minor roles in 1974.

After the work Costner had done in the 1980s and 1990s, he was able to get into real estate.

He purchased a 160-acre property with three lake houses in Aspen, Colorado.

He charges $30,000 per night for the property that can house 30 people.

Kevin Costner has led an incredibly successful and iconic life.


Beginning His Career In The 1980s

Actor Kevin Costner attends an interview during an event in Rome


The first movie that Kevin Costner ever appeared in was Malibu Hot Summer in 1981 as John Logan.

Although the movie wasn’t widely or well-received, it was the first film to feature Costner on its posters.

Costner would use his love of baseball as the inspiration for his character, Ed, in the baseball movie Chasing Dreams in 1982.

Although Costner may not have had the lead role, he was still the biggest star in the cast despite his short filmography.

Kevin Costner starred in Stacy’s Knights alongside Mike Reynolds and Andra Millian.

He played one of the leading roles, Will Bonner, in the 1983 film.

In 1984, Costner took on the role of Jimmy Scott, a detective who is searching for answers in a serial murder case.

Shadows Run Black was both a crime and horror film, but it never managed to capture audiences like some of Costner’s later work.

Fandango was Costner’s first movie to see much critical success and also featured Judd Nelson, Sam Robards, Brian Cesak, and Marvin J. McIntyre.

The movie followed five college friends who go on a comical final adventure before leaving to continue their lives.

In the same year as Fandango, Kevin Costner would join Marvin J. McIntyre for Silverado.

This 1985 cast would include Danny Glover, Scott Glenn, and Kevin Kline.

That same year, Costner also starred as the lead role in American Flyers.

The 1980s movie that Kevin Costner is best known for is The Untouchables in 1987.

The movie tells the tale of Agent Eliot Ness attempting to stop Al Capone and his team of fellow powerful mobsters.

The Untouchables had an all-star cast that included legendary actors such as Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Charles Martin Smith, and Andy Garcia.

Costner would close out the decade of the ‘80s by once again putting his love for the game of baseball on the big screen.

Bull Durham, released in 1988, featured Costner as catcher Crash Davis and co-starred Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

In 1989’s Field of Dreams, he played Ray Kinsella who built a baseball field on his remote farm in Iowa, starring alongside James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta.


Taking On Some Of His Biggest Roles In The 1990s

Kevin Costner at the world premiere of his movie "McFarland USA" at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood.


Kevin Costner was only about a decade into his career, but that career was evolving rapidly.

After the major success of his previous movies, fans were begging for more of him and the production teams were fighting for his time.

Costner started the 1990s with Revenge, an action movie in which Costner’s character falls in love with the wife of a businessman and must pay heavily for getting in the way of their marriage.

Some of the other cast members included Madeleine Stowe and Anthony Quinn

In the same year as Revenge, Costner directed and played the lead role of Lieutenant Dunbar in the historical fiction movie Dances with Wolves.

In the movie, Dunbar befriends the Native Americans who live near his Civil War outpost, making him an enemy of the army he once served.

The following year, Costner took on the role of Robin of Locksley, also known as Robin Hood.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves had a spectacular cast that included Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman, and Geraldine McEwan.

Costner had gotten used to taking on multiple roles at once by this point, which allowed him to also appear in the 1991 historical thriller JFK.

The movie was based on the books On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison and Crossfire: The Plot to Kill Kennedy by Jim Marrs.

Perhaps one of the movies that Kevin Costner is best known for is The Bodyguard, in which he starred along with legendary singer Whitney Houston.

This movie is so beloved that it has its very own fanbase, with most fans agreeing that this was Costner and Houston’s best acting work.

In 1994, Costner would take on the role of Wyatt Earp in a western movie named after the character.

Dennis Quaid and Gene Hackman starred alongside Costner.

After starring in several other successful films of the 1990s, in 1999, Costner took on another baseball story in For Love of the Game, portraying an aging pitcher who was trying to decide if his career was over or if he should continue to play.


His Later Career Of The 2000s And 2010s

Kevin Costner and Lily Costner


Kevin Costner had been working nonstop in Hollywood for two decades at this point, but he wasn’t anywhere close to slowing down quite yet.

Costner started the 2000s with his historical drama Thirteen Days, which followed how Kennedy handled the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The following year, Costner starred in an action-comedy film with Kurt Russell called 3000 Miles to Graceland.

Costner played Murphy, an ex-convict who helped his gang rob a casino during an Elvis Presley convention.

3000 Miles to Graceland was followed up by Dragonfly in 2002, which was a completely different film from his last one.

The story follows a widowed doctor who is contacted by his wife through his patients’ near-death experiences.

In 2003, Kevin Costner directed his second film Open Range, his first time directing being Dances with Wolves.

Not only did he direct the western movie, but he also starred in the lead role of Charley Waite

Two years later, Costner appeared in The Upside of Anger, a dramatic comedy where Costner played the love interest named Denny Davies.

This also starred Evan Rachel Wood, Joan Allen, Keri Russell, Erika Christensen, and Alicia Witt.

That same year, Costner played Beau Burroughs in Rumor Has It… This movie also starred Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo, Shirley MacLaine, and Richard Jenkins.

The following year, Kevin Costner teamed up with Ashton Kutcher for The Guardian, an action movie about a rescue swimmer who helps straighten out a rowdy swimming champion.

In 2007, Costner took on the role of a murdering businessman in the movie Mr. Brooks.

Costner wasn’t slowing his moviemaking habits down, despite juggling multiple other careers.

In 2013, he played the father of Clark Kent in Man of Steel.

He also took on the role of Al Harrison in the 2016 film Hidden Figures.


His Musical Career

Kevin Costner at Annette Bening Honored at Santa Barbara Film Festival,


In 2007, Kevin Costner formed his band Kevin Costner & Modern West.

The country-rock band went on their first world tour the same year as their formation.

Having a major name like Kevin Costner leading the band was enough to make fans excited and onlookers interested.

They released their first album Untold Truths.

By 2010, Kevin Costner & Modern West were opening for Keith Urban.

The band played songs from their latest album at the time Turn It On.

The band was on a writing streak and released their third album From Where I Stand.

In 2012, the country-rock band released Famous for Killing Each Other.

Kevin Costner & Modern West’s most recent work is Tales From Yellowstone, based on his character’s experiences in the hit television show Yellowstone.

The show has found massive success, bringing in a new generation of Kevin Costner fans.

Fans of the show were amazed to find out that Costner was actually the one singing in the show.

The band’s 2021 tour has been selling out at multiple locations, with fans pouring in to hear their favorite songs from the show live with the actor from the show performing them.

Kevin Costner isn’t the only singer in his family.

His daughter Lily Costner is a professional singer who has worked with country musicians like Trace Adkins, and she appears on the track Heaven’s Gate alongside her father.


Owning Ocean Therapy Solutions

Gulf oil spill is shown on a beach on June 12, 2010 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


By the 1990s, Kevin Costner had already found massive success and began using the money he earned from his acting gigs to invest in innovative companies and their projects.

This led Costner to purchase Ocean Therapy Solutions in 1995.

It wouldn’t take long for this purchase to pay for itself when BP had spilled oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2009.

Ocean Therapy Solutions had been working on machines that would separate the oil from the water and allow it to be cleaned up easily.

When a disaster like an oil spill occurs, there’s nothing that can make the problem go away easily and Costner’s machines weren’t doing very well in the field tests.

Despite the machine’s repeated failed field tests, BP still chose to buy the machine in hopes that it would work to clean the disaster BP had caused.

The machines were prone to collect a random assortment of things, rather than just gathering the oil and were often found full of sticks or even peanut butter.

However, the machines did occasionally do their intended job.

Critics of BP believe that buying Costner’s machines was just a way for BP to create some positive public reception.

News outlets at the time were eager to report stories of how Kevin Costner was going to team up with BP to save the Gulf of Mexico.

Kevin Costner was determined to get machines to work, having spent $24 million to get the machines created and an additional $1 million to make the adjustments necessary for them to work.

However, BP still wasn’t satisfied with the results, and they delayed their payment.

BP ended up paying Ocean Therapy Solutions $52 million for the machines, but the oil company never even used them during their cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico.


Opening Tatanka: The Story Of The Bison

Tatanka Story of Bison signage post


Dances With Wolves was a major success for Kevin Costner, but it also allowed him to learn more about one of his favorite symbols of the Wild Old West, the bison.

The movie played such a major cultural role that a resort was opened and named after Costner’s character from the film.

Dunbar resort is located in Deadwood, South Dakota and is home to the educational center that Costner commissioned called Tatanka: The Story of the Bison.

The resort has cost Costner $5 million to expand and work on.

This 85-acre resort is a tribute to the Lakota people, and the bison tells people the tale of how we lost the bison and how they were rescued.

While this resort may be pricey, Costner was originally willing to pay $200 million to expand the resort even further.

Although the Lakota people were opposed to his resort, it was the fact that Costner had to shrink the project to make sure that financing could be handled that limited his progress on this resort.

The educational center employs Lakota people who want to help Costner educate visitors on the importance of the bison and the culture of the Lakota.

The center also looks to teach people about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Costner’s educational center is actually built over an old city dump, as a way to limit the amount of nature he disturbed to build his resort.


Investing In The Midnight Star Casino

Inside Aria Resort and Casino in the night


In October of 1990, Kevin Costner paid $1 million for the Midnight Star Casino in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Originally, it was a clothing store on the main street of the mountainous town.

It was an investment that Costner made alongside his brother.

The Costner brothers had fallen in love with Deadwood after Kevin Costner directed and starred in Dances with Wolves.

They wanted to turn the historical town into a tourist destination.

Deadwood was the town where the infamous cowboy Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down in 1876 while playing a game of poker.

It wouldn’t be until 1989 that gambling was even legalized in the Black Hills town.

Kevin Costner would go on to run the Midnight Star Casino for 28 years before he would close the casino in his favorite town.

The casino was on the first floor and a five-star restaurant with Costner’s movie memorabilia decorating the walls was on the second floor.

The town was going to miss one of its most notable tourist attractions, but the casino was purchased in 2020 by Lamar Feed and Grain LLC.

They have plans to re-open the casino after purchasing it for $1.6 million.


Kevin Costner CBD Oil

Actor Kevin Costner


As the use of cannabinoid products becomes more commonplace, Kevin Costner knew he wanted in on the booming business.

More consumers are adding CBD products to their daily regime thanks to the health benefits that CBD has been reported to supply.

His oils have been praised for their high quality and are transparent with consumers.

They use hemp oil from the plant Cannabis Sativa that is grown through eco-friendly cultivation right in the United States.

Not only does Costner sell CBD oil, but he also sells CBD gummies that are excellent for those looking to get help sleeping or easing different types of pain.

Kevin Costner has taken every opportunity he can to expand his portfolio and create things that will bring others joy.

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