Weekend brunch is a delight at this bakery-influenced Dublin restaurant

A series of events meant that I’ve been to the new 40-seater dining area upstairs at Bread 41 more times than I’d planned to since it quietly opened in the middle of November. First a family brunch, then a planned lunch with a friend where I turned up a day too early. There’s no planet B, I’m informed by the mural on the whitewashed brick wall, but sure, that doesn’t mean I can’t hastily formulate a plan B, so I have lunch there two days in a row, allowing me to work my way through more of the menu.

Bread 41 is perfect for a casual catch-up with a friend. There is a row of booths down one side of the wedge-shaped room, all set up for a proper bit of goss, that’s after you’ve finished admiring the Kilner jars that act as luminous jewelled dividers in tall glass cabinets between the four booths. Topaz yellow preserved lemon oil, ruby raspberry and rose vinegar, amber raspberry and lemongrass vinegar and dark plum ume vinegar.

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