‘We The People’ Plans To Continue St Jude Hospital Protest

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We The People was formed following the initial protest action by Ms. Angella Alberti on 4th, May, 2022. This protest action by Ms. Alberti attracted widespread public attention and support. We The People was formed to help manage what had become an ongoing and expanded protest.

The focus of the protest action by Ms. Alberti which was embraced by We The People was to advocate for a change in Government policy towards a commitment for completion of the modern, “state of the art”, resilient St Jude Hospital structure started by the last Government and which was approximately 75% complete.

The St Jude Hospital protest which began on May 4th and continued in an expanded format since, has been peaceful in nature. There has been no recorded incident of disturbance or any unsavoury activity which gave cause for concern on the part of the respective authorities.

We are mindful of the heightened interest by many who are motivated by the logic of the need to complete the modern, “state of the art” St Jude Hospital facility started by the last Administration. This is indeed the sensible investment at this time which would serve the best long term interest of our nation and indeed the people of the south.

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We The People over the past weeks has observed a strategic retreat and suspension of protest activity.

We have written to the police requesting approval for another protest activity on Sunday, 26th, June, 2022. We look forward to a timely response by the police in order to allow for proper planning and execution of our ongoing protest campaign.

We assure all concerned that we are committed to the exercise of our right to protest. We will notify public about the resumption of the protest campaign which we have planned for Sunday, 26th, June, 2022.

We are committed to advocating for completion of the modern, state of the art and resilient St Jude Hospital structure which was nearing completion when it was stopped. We will continue to claim our right to peaceful protest.

Source: We The People. Headline photo: St Jude Hospital protest stock image

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