Viewers slam Ricky Gervais intro to Piers Morgan’s Donald Trump interview

Piers Morgan’s new present Uncensored aired on for the primary time on TalkTV right this moment (25 April), with a particular introduction from comic Ricky Gervais.

Within the shock cameo forward of the British broadcaster’s extremely publicised Donald Trump interview, Gervais appeared briefly to want Morgan “good luck” along with his new collection, which Morgan guarantees will “cancel cancel culture”.

Within the video Gervais mentioned: “The producers of Piers Morgan’s new show contacted me and asked me if I’d like to be a guest. I said, ‘Definitely not.’”

He added: “They said would you mind doing a quick video wishing him luck? I said, ‘Do I have to mean it?’ They said ‘No’. I said ‘Good luck’.”

Piers, 57, revealed that he had obtained supportive messages from a number of individuals forward of the launch of his new present earlier than airing the video from Gervais. Nonetheless, viewers had been fast to denounce the Gervais video, with one calling it practically the “worst thing he’s done this year”.

Broadcaster Nicky Clark then commented: “So far, so Piers Morgan Manifesto with an ironic video by Ricky Gervais. Thereby giving his fan base what they want, which is to flip cancel culture. But inoffensive enough not to enrage moderates.”

Morgan’s new interview with one-term American president Donald Trump has been effectively marketed.

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