Turkish Airlines Denies News on Alleged Entry Ban Imposed by 7 EU Countries Against Nationals of Turkey

Turkish Airlines has denied all the media reports which announced that passengers from Turkey had been banned from entering several European Union/Schengen Area countries.

In response to the reports claiming that the Turkish passengers were not being allowed to enter seven EU countries, the CEO of Turkish Airlines, Bilal Ekşi, said that Turkish nationals have not been subject to entry bans.

“Turkish citizens have not been subject to an entry ban from any country due to Omicron. It is beneficial for our passengers to follow our website when planning their travels and before their flight,” Ekşi wrote on his official Twitter account on December 30.

Ekşi’s statement comes after Turkey’s Civil Aviation Authority (SHGM) travel guidance updated on December 28 said that seven European countries – Croatia, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland would no longer permit entry to Turkish passengers, reports.

However, SHGM made another announcement yesterday, on December 30, saying that the statements made on the entry conditions that Turkish nationals need to follow when visiting other EU countries have been misinterpreted.

“Based on the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Travel Center on our corporate website, the statements in the informative table containing the COVID-19 entry conditions for Turkish citizens to countries were misinterpreted, and it was claimed that a flight ban was imposed on our country by the EU. The table on our website has been updated in order to prevent these unrealistic and over-the-top publications targeting our institution,” the statement of DGCA reads.

The COVID-19 cases in Turkey have been increasing over the last few days. Nonetheless, they still remain lower compared to several other European countries.

According to the data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Turkey has reported a total of 9,364,508 COVID-19 infection cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Moreover, the same revealed that Turkey had reported 154,768 new infection cases in the last seven days.

Currently, most EU Member States are keeping strict entry rules against all travellers, including those from Turkey. The majority of them require that third-country travellers present a negative test taken before arrival in order to be permitted entry.

However, since every country has the right to decide on its own entry rules, it is suggested that everyone does their research before travelling abroad.

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