The COVID endgame and digital colonialism: Cyber war simulacra in an upside-down world

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Clearly, the COVID-19 narrative to respectable snooping on one’s personal residents and cover-up ‘digital colonialism’ below the guise of defending society and group whereas destroying our ‘community, religious and social life’ and digitally hacking our brains and our bodies with lockdowns and injections is just not working

IDN: The biggest switch of wealth in human historical past came about throughout COVID-19 lockdowns with COVID masks and Private Safety Gear. The remainder of the world was impoverished.i Thus Oxfam launched a report on the financial prices and world impacts of COVID-19 titled ‘Inequality Kills’ in time for the IMF’s spring conferences final month.

There has been, nonetheless, little evaluation of the financial prices of COVID-19 lockdowns and different insurance policies and their causality vis-à-vis the present Worldwide Sovereign Bond (ISB) Debt entice and financial meltdown in Sri Lanka, which have resulted within the predicted pivot to the Washington Consensus and IMF. 

Analyses of the compounding financial disaster in Sri Lanka have primarily centered on misplaced State income resulting from ill-advised tax cuts applied within the wake of the mysterious ISIS claimed 2019 Easter Sunday assaults that focused luxurious resorts and the tourism dependent economic system, reasonably than COVID-19 lockdowns and associated insurance policies to clarify the present financial disaster on this strategic Indian Ocean island. 

Again in 2020 discerning medical economists like Dr. Jayantha Bhattacharya of Stanford College and nationwide leaders like Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan acknowledged that in poor nations extra individuals would die of starvation, malnutrition and hunger resulting from COVID-19 lockdowns and their financial fallout, than as a result of virus. 

PM Khan who properly refused to lockdown Pakistanis was eliminated by way of a ‘regime change’ operation earlier this yr amid staged Arab Spring protests, however his assertion rings true in Sri Lanka as individuals die in meals, gasoline and petrol queues presently. Within the context, a examine of the complete impacts and financial prices of WHO-recommended COVID-19 lockdown insurance policies (together with on livelihoods and small and medium enterprises), resulting in the present financial disaster in Sri Lanka could be related, additionally to hunt a debt jubilee and eventual debt cancellation as IMF talks loom this week below Emergency Regulation.

Globally, the tipping level is right here now: Two years of COVID ‘panicdemic’ and World Well being Group (WHO) staged ‘Permanent Emergency’ media narrative now adopted by the struggle in Ukraine has proven us that ‘the Emperor has no clothes’, comprehensively.

Within the ‘West’ versus the ‘Rest’ face-off, which the COVID-masked new hybrid Chilly Battle appears to be like like, the Relaxation has come out on high—having bested the West. The Euro-American Empire is sort of accomplished and dusted; its legitimacy shattered as the reality leaks out: The Acquire of Perform (GoF) research-based, COVID virus and vaccine bio-warfare mission (partly subcontracted to Wuhan labs), to digitalise, govern the world, its wealth, populations and migration with a CV-Masks, whereas taking down ‘emerging economies’ and China’s Belt and Highway Initiative (BRI), is coming aside on the seams. 

By now, it isn’t a secret that Moderna’s mRNA injection was a United States (US) Protection Superior Analysis Initiatives Company (DARPA) program to fabricate ‘vaccines’ at ‘warped speed’. Neither is it a secret that Moderna had patent utilized and obtained patents on sure SARS-COV2 sequences, subsequently named COVID-19.

A First World virus?

All the information exhibits that COVID-19 was delicate within the World South, notably Asia and Africa, which has overwhelmed the virus with out ‘vaccines’ regardless of poverty and poor healthcare programs.

Slightly, COVID-19 seems to have decimated and divided the ‘First World’ regardless of and arguably due to its superior biotechnology and Massive Knowledge-dependent well being programs and mRNA injections and world human genome maps. To not point out over-consuming, co-morbidities-intensive, hyper-digital life.

The World South has outperformed the so-called ‘advanced’ techno-cyborgs of the West on COVID-19. So too it appears the opposite emergency, CoP-26, a.ok.a. Local weather ‘Emergency’ and Anthropocene discourse (Agenda 21), meant to bend the remainder to the company agri-business and vitality agenda of the West, to allow ‘Green-washing’ of massive and soiled oil corporations and their rebranding as captains of unpolluted, inexperienced renewable (LNG) vitality expertise as a part of local weather disaster ‘Disaster Capitalism’.

In the meantime, in a landmark determination the Supreme Courtroom of the most important democracy on the planet, India, dominated unambiguously final week, that nobody could possibly be compelled to be vaccinated and that that there was NO information to indicate extra threat from unvaccinated individuals. The court docket mentioned the Centre and states didn’t place any scientific proof or information to point that the chance of transmission of the virus from unvaccinated people is greater than from vaccinated individuals to justify the discriminatory therapy of unvaccinated individuals.

India’s apex court docket additionally requested the Centre to make public information on the attainable hostile results of the COVID injections, as had the US court docket calling for launch of Pfizer vaccine path information. 

The boot is now on the opposite foot! The West must eat humble pie and discover ways to combat for democracy and in opposition to COVID-19 from the ‘Rest’—the colonised and denigrated Third World—Africa and Asia, with its teeming lots. COVID-19 has additionally deeply divided ‘First World’ societies and economies (Euro-America and its NATO, QUAD and AUKUS allies), the place democracy appears more and more a farce for the wealthy and related to carry out. The COVID-19 ‘panicdemic’ more and more appears to be like like a illness of the ‘First World’ though it was supposed to focus on ‘minorities’ all over the place.

In Africa fewer than 30% are ‘vaccinated’ however COVID deaths are few, and so too, in a lot of Asia with its enormous populations. This, regardless of the Starvation Virus unleashed by the World Well being Group’s (WHO), felony lockdown coverage suggestions which have brought on mass impoverishment.

Certainly, it more and more seems that the mass rollout of inadequately examined and trialled Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections have accomplished a lot of the harm to Euro-American populations because the numbers of Vaccine Antagonistic Occasions (VAE), Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (AED) circumstances mount. COVID-proofing with leaky gene-therapies merely has not labored within the wealthy West. The subsequent pandemic could be of the ‘vaccine’ injured.

Concurrently, democratic rights and freedoms are being stripped quick and unfastened with the COVID-19 masks at hand in so-called ‘advanced’ Western democracies, as vaccine mandates and passports kick in amidst large protests on the streets and within the Courts.

The US and Europe with their vaccine playing cards, bio-politics and digital surveillance are hardly beacons of democratic rights, liberty and freedoms nowadays, and positively can’t lecture anybody on social and financial justice, rights or equality. Simply keep in mind Julien Assange languishing in Belmarsh Jail for exposing the struggle crimes of the Empire.

Vaccine and masks mandates have taken ‘Divide and Rule’ to an entire new stage.

Clearly, the COVID-19 narrative to respectable snooping on one’s personal residents and cover-up ‘digital colonialism’ below the guise of defending society and group whereas destroying our ‘community, religious and social life’ and digitally hacking our brains and our bodies with lockdowns and injections is just not working.

‘Society must be Defended’ was how the good thinker and historian of concepts, Michel Foucault, who died of AIDS, which he additionally knew was invented in a lab (similar to the Fall Military Worm that destroyed crops and meals safety in Africa and Asia not so way back), sarcastically glossed the Orwellian bio-warfare program. Certainly, it’s fairly clear that ‘society’ and communities as social scientists know them needed to be destroyed and digitalised to be able to be defended, masked, surveilled and managed by Massive Brother. This irony has nonetheless been misplaced on an amazing majority of acquiescent social scientists as pop psychology and remedy has displaced social and communal life and indigenous therapeutic programs akin to Ayurveda, Siddha, or Unani.

Wither the imploding empire that gained’t go ‘quietly into the night? 

Postmodernist and social theorist Jean Baudrillard argued that a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right: the hyperreal. We have lived two years of COVID hyper-reality.

Of course, Pax Americana and its NATO-AUKUS imperialism is not dead yet and evidently refuses to go ‘quietly into the night’ as Asia led by China and ASEAN rises as soon as once more as the worldwide development centre. Slightly, Joe Biden is on the warpath with America’s outdated Chilly Battle rival, Russia, whereas stoking a New Chilly Battle with China, having concocted AUKUS to encircle each whereas egging on the EU a part of NATO to combat Putin in Ukraine!

The Pax Americana was all the time a Sizzling Battle; partaking of coups, assassinations, staged terrorist assaults and riots as regime change operations just like the ‘Jakarta Method’, and proxy wars within the World South, whereas a Chilly Battle prevailed within the World North. It’s on this context, that strategic Sri Lanka perched in the course of the Indian Ocean, ruled by twin Americans of the Rajapaksa household, is an outlier within the World South with virtually 70% of its inhabitants vaccinated.

Sri Lanka sits at a chokepoint amongst Indian Ocean Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOC) and is within the crosshairs of the brand new Chilly Battle’s vaccine geopolitics. The US residents who rule this submit/colony are determined (like India’s Modi) for a vaccine victory following self-inflicted economically devastating lockdowns and attendant millionaire migration and brain-drain to the West amid the pandemic of corruption.

Concurrently, South Asian ethnoreligious diaspora networks in AUKUS nations have been weaponised to advance the financial and safety pursuits of the deep state and in opposition to the pursuits of these of us really dwelling and dealing within the World South presently.

Digital colonialism and catastrophe capitalism

The West remains to be pushing the COVID-19 and CoP 26 Local weather Disaster narrative to allow what Naomi Klein termed ‘Disaster Capitalism’ in her e-book ‘Shock Doctrine’ and guarantee World Governance by way of Digital Colonialism: Euro-American Company Captains and Hedge Funds like BlackRock that received enormous chunks of the 9 trillion US Authorities COVID 19 ‘bailout’ proceed to asset strip the World South.

Booming inventory markets are an indicator of the asset stripping and big wealth transfers occurring all over the place as persons are impoverished. The present surge within the inventory market amid mass impoverishment and what Oxfam phrases the ‘Hunger Virus’ amid spiralling inequality appear to be one thing out of Ripley’s Imagine It or Not—a ‘phantom market,’ as a Colombo Inventory Trade analyst put it.

What’s more and more clear is that the Euro-American World Reset mission is headquartered between Geneva (the place the DAVOS/WEF clique and numerous UN companies just like the WHO and ILO that funds and controls commerce unions which have been selling COVID-19 lockdowns maintain sway), and Washington with its army enterprise intelligence, analysis, and media industrial complicated that President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned US residents about in his farewell tackle in 1961.

Novak Djokovic is the most recent movie star sufferer of the World Governance dream mission of the deep state army enterprise industrial complicated in tow with the DAVOS clique. Djokovic was rendered a spectacle by Australia’s judicial system and puppet Prime Minister who had earlier rushed to dis France (which is competing with and waging a excessive stakes battle for its share of the Indian Ocean with the Anglo-Previous Commonwealth’s Pakkha Sahibs), for AUKUS.

In spite of everything, Djokovic’s defiance of Australian vaccine mandates marketed on pacifying world sports activities media channels can’t be tolerated in vaccine-card carrying COVID democracies!

Life in a cyber-simulacrum of protests

It isn’t a secret that the world’s high 10 wealthiest doubled their wealth final yr.

US digital giants, generally known as GAFAM (Google, Apple, Fb, Amazon, and Microsoft), apart from Massive Pharma are the most important beneficiaries of the COVID-19 world wealth transfers and re-set: Certainly, Massive Pharma funded WHO’s COVID-19 pandemic wouldn’t have been attainable with out digital colonialism, which it has in flip deepened.

‘Digital nomads’ together with BPO or Enterprise Course of Outsourcing (BPO) have additionally enabled business-intelligence brokers’ recreation world and native (social) media narratives world wide whereas selling the ‘Permanent Emergency’ to destabilise, distract and digitalise communities. On-line the message is surveilled and managed, whereas the truth is encased the COVID-19 ‘Infodemic’ and numbers recreation.

Hid on this cyber simulacrum is fact and the massive image. The everlasting COVID and local weather ‘emergencies’ have enabled a pandemic of corruption, digital colonialism, hacking of nationwide information, establishments, policy-making processes and knowledge programs just like the Nationwide Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) Knowledge Wipe on the Sri Lanka Authorities Cloud and unprecedented division of societies and communities. Divide and rule amid digitalisation. 

Concurrently, many are so distracted with mask-policing of their neighbours and now with protests directed by Pied Pipers on social media platforms that the looting of nationwide wealth by corrupt politicians and digital corporates passes unnoticed.

Within the context, a scientific evaluation of two years of COVID-19 panicdemic narratives and lockdowns on business additionally given misplaced manufacturing and livelihoods for small and medium enterprises, in addition to, the COVID-19 coverage response together with cash printing in Sri Lanka appears overdue. 

In spite of everything, virtually 40% of the nationwide price range was diverted to the well being sector for buy of costly COVID-19 injections, Pfizer boosters, limitless PCR checks, oximeters, fleets of ambulances, and so on. Certainly, the well being sector procurement coverage might warrant systematic evaluation and investigation additionally within the context of a continuing chorus relating to ‘medicine shortages’. 

Apart from GAFAM Massive Pharmaceutical corporations benefited most from the COVID panicdemic and so they usually fund many nationwide well being sector occasions, analysis, conferences and organisations such because the Sri Lanka Medical Affiliation (SLMA), and GMOA and different commerce unions which known as for economically-devastating lockdowns. 

A examine of the complete impacts and financial prices of WHO-recommended COVID-19 lockdown insurance policies, their causality and continuity with the Easter 2019 hybrid financial war-style assaults on the tourism-dependent island economic system resulting in the present financial disaster in Sri Lanka could be related. Such a report might allow searching for an ISB debt jubilee and eventual debt cancellation on this geostrategic island perpetually within the cross-hairs of nice energy rivalry?!

Remarkably, three years of investigations into the mysterious Islamic State (ISIS), claimed 2019 Easter assaults on economic system and society have revealed that they had been directed by a mysterious Pier Piper named Sonic-Sonic by way of the web, who additionally appears to be directing most of the on-going anonymously-led ‘Arab Spring’ protests organised by way of social media platforms. These are compounding and distracting from a scientific root causes evaluation of this strategic Indian Ocean Island’s financial disaster, at the same time as asset stripping and sale of nationwide transport, electro-magnetic frequencies, communication and vitality infrastructure to hedge funds that will additional compound the issue are more and more trotted out as ‘solutions’.

Hole Independence: COVID and the abrogation of self-determination

The COVID-19 mission, an Over the Horizon (OTH) operation for Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD) and re-colonisation of the World South which would offer low cost migrant labour and uncooked supplies for the West after the Nice Re-set, whereas concurrently selling de-globalisation and hyper-globalisation by way of digital colonialism seems to have turned core ideas of the United Nationals System, in addition to, the pure and social sciences on their heads.

Article 2.7 of the United Nation’s Constitution explicitly states: ‘Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorise the United Nations to intervene in matters that are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of States’. Nonetheless nationwide coverage autonomy appeared to be in abeyance as world emergency narratives and COVID-19 lockdown prescriptions and ‘vaccine’ mandates brought on nice hurt by unleashing the ‘Hunger Virus’ as Jeffrey Sacks and a bunch of distinguished economists have proven.

So too, founding ideas of the UN and Worldwide State System, notably the precept of the Proper to Self-Dedication of colonised peoples, nationwide sovereignty, territorial integrity and coverage autonomy in nationwide possession in policy-making has been abrogated with the ‘COVID-19 Emergency’ and ‘Climate Catastrophe’ narrative.

Not is it attainable for individuals and items to journey freely world wide as the present section of globalisation grinds to a halt with the COVID-19 masked cyber and maritime commerce wars and ‘vaccine’ mandates and passports, whereas finance capital strikes world wide with growing pace transferring wealth to the worldwide company elite.

That is evident notably within the social sectors (well being, schooling, tradition), as the correct to self-determination for peoples within the submit/colonial nations that features coverage autonomy have been attenuated with the so-called world COVID emergency and local weather emergency narrative, and the push to digitalisation amidst heightening cyber-wars.

So too have core ideas in social science analysis and evaluation, akin to, the truth that ‘local context’ and regional and country-specific qualitative and quantitative information and evaluation matter for acceptable policy-making have been ignored by native and world consultants below the WHO’s and different UN companies and Washington Consensus, World Disaster, Pandemic and Local weather Emergency narratives. In the meantime, world biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and GAFAM revenue from advertising of their merchandise together with PCR checks that are actually out of date and expiring COVID-19 injections with WHO’s Emergency Use Itemizing (EUL).

Within the ultimate evaluation ‘All that’s stable melts within the air’: The paper cash castles of Euro-American Hedge Funds like Black Rock which backs India’s Adani and Ambani might disappear no sooner the Undersea Knowledge Cables (UDC) are clipped or taxed to finish the inequality pandemic and monetary wealth transfers, that maintain inventory markets hello. In spite of everything, we can’t eat or breathe information, even on this period of knowledge fetishism within the Info Financial system!

Lastly, for the reason that US has printed $ 9 trillion as ‘COVID bailouts’ up to now two years and is essentially the most indebted nation on the planet, the Trillion Yuan query now’s: how lengthy will it take for the US greenback to crash because the chickens come dwelling to roost and the masks come off? 

[IDN-InDepthNews – 28 January 2022]


iThe Prime 1% of People Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Backside 90%—And That’s Made the U.S. Much less Safe:

(The author is a Sociocultural and Medical Anthropologist primarily based in Colombo. Her newest publication is ‘Multi-religiosity on Contemporary Sri Lanka: Innovation, Shared Spaces, Contestation’. (Routledge 2022).)


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