The best dance studios in Bangkok to get your groove on

Dancing is arguably the most fun way to break a sweat and keep yourself fit. Here’s a list of dance studios in Bangkok to get your groove on with your favourite songs while burning calories.

Finding a place to enjoy a good sweat after a long tiring day? Look no further. Here, we’ve curated a list of the best dance studios in Bangkok to check out and bust a move. Regardless of the level you’re at, you’ll never find yourself feeling bored at one of these places.

[Hero Image Credit: Daniel/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Groove Dance Studio]


Minizize Dance Studio is a favourite among teenagers and young adults, and you certainly can’t miss out on them if you love joining group classes. It’s the ideal place to let your hidden hip-hop skills shine. It’s a fun dance community here where you’ll make tons of new friends and enjoy a dance party with your squad.

[Image Credit: kannudee_]

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If you’re really into Blackpink, Soul Flow is calling you. The classes are led by various dance instructors who are also the backup dancers of Thai artists. Not only will you get to sharpen your skills, but any challenging moves will also become a piece of cake for you.

[Image Credit: Soul Flow]

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Ever wanted to know what it felt like to be on a dance stage? Make your way to The Inner Studio. You’ll have so much fun dancing to the beat of your favourite song under the colourful flashing disco lights, and you’ll be owning the stage in no time.

[Image Credit: The Inner Studio]

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Groove Dance Studio is all about channelling your inner K-pop superstar and learning popular covers of local and international hits. Splurge with their 30-days class buffer offer, and you’ll never find a shortage of ways to get your groove on.

[Image Credit: Groove Dance Studio]

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S-Popping Dance Studio has everything that an amateur or aspiring dancer looks for. They provide private classes to let you progress at your own pace and brush up on your skills. Whether it’s one-on-one or with your friends, this is a perfect place to level yourself up to a pro.

[Image Credit: Parichart Chatwatanadirok]

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Rumpuree Connext is the ultimate dance paradise for Bangkokians. They’ve got you covered with all kinds of dance styles. From belly dance to pole dance, you’ll get to experience a different feel for each dance. A great place to explore yourself in different versions if you’re adventurous enough to try out various kinds of dance classes.

[Image Credit: Rumpuree World Dance Studio]

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