Sydney police officer saves rooster of little boy with leukemia

A kind Sydney police officer has prevented a little boy, who is battling leukemia, from having to farewell his beloved pet rooster.

The family of six-year-old Yeprad were told by their local council that they had just 10 days to home their son’s pet rooster after repeated noise complaints about the bird.

The rooster, named Jackson, is much loved by Yeprad, who is in and out of hospital as he battles stage four leukemia.

Constable Frankie gives Yeprad a ride. (Nine)

Constable Frankie from Fairfield City Police was visiting Yeprad’s home early one morning in response to some of the noise complaints when he had an idea.

“I’ve got a beautiful big farm,” the Constable said.

“There’s plenty of room for (the rooster).”

Yeprad gets some police gear. (Nine)

Constable Frankie decided to house the rooster for Yeprad, telling him: “Anytime you want to see Jackson, you’re more than welcome to come around.”

Little Yeprad was overjoyed.

Leading Senior Constable Kylie said her colleague’s actions were “amazing”.

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“It just goes above and beyond,” she said.

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