Solid gold coins worth €5,000 found in the cover of an old prayer book

Kenny’s in Galway have been shopping for and promoting antiquarian books for generations and have often got here throughout the odd attention-grabbing artefact hidden within the backbone or covers of books.

By no means earlier than although did they discover something as attention-grabbing or as priceless as the 2 strong gold cash stitched into the backbone of a ebook purchased from a diocesan library.

The discover was all of the extra extraordinary because the ebook which contained the cash was a typical Catholic prayer ebook which was nugatory in itself.

The strong gold cash are Mexican in origin. They’ve 50 pesos on one facet and the dates 1821-1947, 1821 being the date of Mexican independence from Spain. On the opposite facet they’ve the symbol of the Mexican state.

The find is worth approximately €5,000 if the coins went to auction as they are selling for €2,300 and upwards each at present.
The discover is value roughly €5,000 if the cash went to public sale as they’re promoting for €2,300 and upwards every at current.

The cash are 37.5 grams (1.3 ounces) in weight every. An identical coin was introduced to Queen Elizabeth II in London in 1962 by Mexican ambassador to London.

The discover is value roughly €5,000 if the cash went to public sale as they’re promoting for €2,300 and upwards every at current.

The cash had been discovered by Kenny’s archivist Sarah Gallagher on Thursday. It was one in every of a library of 25,000 books purchased from an Irish diocese by Kenny’s.

Tomás Kenny of Kenny’s mentioned he couldn’t perceive what made her take off the duvet of the ebook, because the ebook was utterly unremarkable in itself.

Mr Kenny mentioned the cash might have been hid by a priest, presumably a Catholic missionary, at a time when there was a variety of anti-clericalism in Mexico and the priest would possibly must make a fast escape.

Mr Kenny mentioned he contacted the diocese concerned, which requested to stay nameless, so see in the event that they needed the cash again, however they mentioned no.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. We often come across old letters or a £20 note, but something like this has never been in our wheelhouse before.”

Mr Kenny mentioned they haven’t determined what to do with the cash but, although auctioning them off to charity could be an possibility.

“We knew it was a cool, interesting story, but we never knew what the reaction would be. We bought the library with the purpose of making money from the books. This is a separate thing. We haven’t come to a firm decision yet on what we are going to do.”

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