NGP Leader: ‘The Pandemic Is Winding Down!’

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Declaring that he wouldn’t cease the upcoming ‘Vaxxed Carnival’, Saint Lucia’s Nationwide Inexperienced Social gathering (NGP) chief, Andre de Caires, has defined that he helps opening up the nation after some two years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He referred to the return of the Gros Islet Friday night time road social gathering.

“If you look at Gros Islet, if you look at the boat charters everybody seems to be ignoring it now. The only thing that would actually change the situation in Saint Lucia right now is if people start dying like flies and I don’t anticipate that happening,” de Caires instructed St Lucia Occasions.

” So will I cease the carnival? I wouldn’t as a result of all of the science can be displaying despite the fact that they didn’t wish to speak about it to start with pure immunity is has an extended lasting impact than the vaccination. In actual fact the primary shot solely lasts for six weeks so are we telling folks each six weeks they need to get a vaccination? So the pandemic is winding down and I feel we have now to get again to regular,” the NGP chief asserted.

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In December, he recalled that when South Africa reported the Omicron variant, all of the information stories indicated that it was extra contagious however much less critical when it comes to hospitalisations and deaths.

And de Caires famous that since then, there had been 5 variants.

He noticed that Denmark stopped its vaccination programme only in the near past whereas different nations have dropped their mandates.

“You look at football in England, you look at the tennis in Spain today, you look at many of these crowded outdoor events and hardly anybody is wearing masks and everybody is going along with their lives. I believe that we have handled it here in Saint Lucia pretty good. Yes, we sympathise with people who have suffered and family members who have lost loved ones,” he said.

However de Caires expressed that Saint Lucia ought to cease COVID-19 instances driving its protocols.

“It’s two years now and viruses usually mutate into an endemic phase and I believe we are in the endemic phase. So I do believe cases will rise but if we look at all around the world where BA.4 and BA.5 have emerged as the dominant variant now, we see even though the cases are rising hospitalisations and deaths are to a minimum,” he instructed St Lucia Occasions.

“People have made their choice and if they get sick that’s up to them,” de Caires defined.

“Like Fauci and everybody is saying, as the science changes, the protocols will change, so I support opening up,” the NGP chief stated.

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