Mets Owner Has Strong Words For Steven Matz’s Agent

Mets owner Steve Cohen at the opening of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination site at Citi Field on February 10, 2021 in the Queens borough of New York City. The inoculation site will focus on providing vaccinations to Queens residents, food service workers, and taxi drivers.
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The New York Mets are big spenders now that Steve Cohen owns the team.

He shelled out big money for Francisco Lindor last offseason and fans are waiting to see what big moves he makes this offseason.

One expected move was to get Steven Matz back after he left New York and spent one season with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Instead, Matz decided to sign with the St. Louis Cardinals.

We say it was an expected move because Cohen decided to share some insight in how Matz’s decision came as a bit of a shock to him.

Cohen directly calls out Matz’s agent, who apparently went back on some promises.


Steve Cohen Is Not Happy

One way to look at this is to find some humor in an owner openly complaining about an agent.

Did this have to be on Twitter?

That is just the way Cohen operates and his subtweeting skills are strong.

Ultimately, Matz is now with the Cardinals.

It is fascinating in general that Cohen seems to be in on these negotiations.

Perhaps that is because the team just hired a new GM in Billy Eppler, or maybe Cohen just likes being involved since it is his money being spent.

Mets fans can live without landing Matz.

But what if the team misses on signing Javier Baez?

Or another top position player?

Cohen was able to get Lindor signed to that decade-long deal.

He then struck out in attempting to make other big acquisitions.

Having a proper GM in place should help the process go smoother than before and could lead to better communication with agents.

But everyone can now be on alert that if they anger Cohen, he is going to take to Twitter with some snarky comments.

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