Mark Davis Gives His Thoughts On WFT Investigation

Owner and managing general partner Mark Davis of the Las Vegas Raiders walks on a sideline before a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Allegiant Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Raiders defeated the Eagles 33-22.
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Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is sitting in an interesting position with regards to the NFL investigation into allegations against the Washington Football Team (WFT).

Leaked emails implicated his former head coach Jon Gruden in conversations with inappropriate slurs and language.

Gruden resigned after the fallout from his leaked emails.

However, the NFL seems steadfast in its position to not release a written report on the findings from the investigation.

Davis, some would argue, only has half the story.

He was recently asked if the NFL should release a report on the WFT findings.

Given the severity of what was charged, Davis said a report would be beneficial.

Davis Questions Timing Of Gruden’s Emails Becoming Public Information

He questions the timing of the leaked emails.

Davis argues that the league could have had those emails in hand for months.

The Raiders should not have been blindsided.

When asked the question if the Raiders were treated unfairly, Davis answered in a way that would make his dad, Al, proud.

Mark Davis said:

“We’re Raiders. We’re used to this.”

Speaking of Al Davis, the leaked emails and the fallout from it happened right around the 10th anniversary of his death.

Al Davis died on October 8, 2011.

That is very interesting timing.


Davis Has Spoken To Gruden

He has been in contact with Jon Gruden.

Davis described Gruden’s demeanor as follows:

“He’s hurt. He’s really hurt. And I understand that. But he understands the ramifications of what he said.”

Mark Davis never defends or condones Gruden’s actions.

Gruden Is Not A Victim

What Jon Gruden said in those emails was wrong.

However, Mark Davis has a point.

If the NFL knew about them in the summer or during the offseason, that would have been the time to let Davis and the Raiders know.

Waiting until the season started was not the best way to handle it.

The Raiders organization could have dealt with the issues in the offseason, and the players could have avoided the abrupt coaching change during the season.

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