Madeira To Get Direct Flights From New York as of November 29

Madeira will get the first-ever direct flight from the United States on November 29, authorities in Madeira have confirmed.

In addition, from November 29, weekly flights will also begin from New York’s airport John F. Kennedy to Madeira’s capital, Funchal, which will also help recover the tourism industry amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation, reports.

“We had a strategy at the beginning, and we’ve had that strategy to the end,” the executive director of the Madeira Promotion Authority, Nuno Vale, pointed out in this regard.

At the same time, the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture of Madeira, Eduardo Jesus, welcomed the new direct flights from New York City to Madeira this November while stressing that such a decision expands Madeira’s presence in the US market.

“With accessible flight options from a variety of US getaways, we are eager to welcome more US travellers in the coming months to Madeira’s paradise,” Eduardo Jesus pointed out in this regard.

Even amid the pandemic, authorities in Madeira have welcomed a large number of tourists this year. In August, Madeira saw nearly 171,000 visitors, based on the statistics provided by Visit Madeira.

In addition, Madeira saw 49 per cent more domestic visitors compared to 2019’s figures.

At present, international visitors interested in entering Madeira will be required to prove that they have completed their immunisation process against the virus or present a negative result of the Coronavirus test, not older than 48 hours, upon their arrival.

Based on the data provided by the News Portugal, the autonomous region of Madeira recorded a total of 57 new COVID-19 infection cases on November 12, while the same source shows that it has registered a total of 13,210 cases of COVID-19 infections and 76 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Authorities in Madeira opened their doors to internationals in July 2020, unfolding an innovative program that helped to attract international tourists while maintaining the COVID-19 situation under control.

In addition, Madeira became the first destination in Portugal to introduce a health certification program for lodging establishments as well as other tourist facilities.

Such a program was essential in organising the European Best Destinations that ranked Madeira and Pronto Santo as the two safest islands in Europe, previously this year. recently reported that Madeira received the World Travel Award, as the best island destination in Europe, for the eighth year in succession.

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