Joe Judge May Run Out Of Time With The Lowly Giants

Head coach Joe Judge of the New York Giants reacts in the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Rams at MetLife Stadium on October 17, 2021 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
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New York Giants head coach Joe Judge mentioned during their Week 6 postgame press conference that their performance would definitely get better.

It’s tough to find optimism within the Giants’ camp despite consoling statements like those.

They scored a measly 11 points against the Los Angeles Rams to fall to 1-5.

Worse, their only touchdown in the game came during garbage time.

Furthermore, he added that they’re working tirelessly to gain short-term and long-term success.

But with the way things are going, his tenure won’t last long if he doesn’t string victories together in the shortest amount of time.


The Patriots Mystique Is Washing Off

Judge was a product of the Bill Belichick coaching tree and spent eight seasons with the New England Patriots.

However, most of his work there was on special teams.

In his final year at Foxborough, he split his time as special teams coordinator and wide receivers coach.

With the ongoing trend of teams hiring younger head coaches, the Giants thought that Judge was the guy that could bring them back to contention.

Likewise, he’s a winner after getting three Super Bowls with the Patriots.

Those credentials were enough to make him the 21st head coach in Giants history, succeeding Pat Shurmur.

A case can be made for special teams coordinators to become head coaches because they deal with so much situational football.

They also work with players on both sides of the ball, usually, back-up wide receivers, running backs, and linebackers.

Unfortunately, Judge cannot replicate the success John Harbaugh has had in Baltimore.

He started his rookie season as an NFL head coach with a 1-5 record.

But he sparked some optimism among Giants fans by finishing the last 10 games at 5-5.

One season later, finding positivity within the Giants’ camp is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Their shocking win over the New Orleans Saints is the only result they can rejoice about.

Injuries to their key players did take a toll on their campaign.

They rank 16th in total yards with 360.7 per game and 27th in points with 19 per game.

Meanwhile, the Giants defense ranks 27th in total yards allowed per game (401.3), and 30th in points surrendered per outing (29.5).

Ownership and the front office also deserves some blame for the Giants’ demise.

But Judge’s coaching doesn’t spark inspiration among his players as well.


Blunders Against The Rams

Daniel Jones starting against the Rams is a consolation that the Giants will take.

No one gave them a chance to win while fielding a depleted roster.

Unfortunately, their offense looked lethargic against one of the NFL’s elite defensive units.

The Rams had four sacks and three interceptions on Jones.

On the other hand, New York gained an average of 3.6 yards per play.

But Judge’s decision to keep Jones in the game even if the game was out of reach is head-scratching.

At 38-3, Jones was still leading the Giants on offense.

Do not forget that he was just on concussion protocol a week ago, and there’s no benefit in keeping him on the field.

Judge should have thrown the white flag and let Mike Glennon take over.

Instead, Jones kept on taking hits from Aaron Donald and company.

The Giants head coach does not look in control, and it’s not a good indication for his future with the team.

Therefore, he must make a move quickly to save his job.

If things get better, Judge must lead the team to victory over the struggling Carolina Panthers.

Otherwise, the Giants front office might fire him even before the season ends.

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