Jalen Hurts Reveals His Thoughts On Joe Flacco

Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts while coming of the field after their loss against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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The Philadelphia Eagles traded backup quarterback Joe Flacco to the New York Jets this week.

Flacco’s tenure in Philadelphia, the favorite team of his childhood, was brief and slightly odd.

It was never clear what relationship Flacco, a former Super Bowl MVP, and second-year player Jalen Hurts were supposed to have.

Thoughts of a mentor and mentee pairing did not seem to be in the future when Flacco was asked about it in August.

At that time, Flacco said:

“We didn’t really talk about that too much. … Right now, I’m here to play, to play a part in the role of a 53-man roster that wants to win a lot of football games. Obviously, I’m a competitor … and being a competitor brings out the best in a room anyway, and brings out the best in a football team. So that’s really the conversation that we’ve had at this point.”

Now that Flacco is out of town, Jalen Hurts shares his thoughts about Flacco.

From Hurts’ point of view, their relationship was warmer than Flacco’s initial comments led outsiders to believe.


What Hurts Said


Hurts has made it a game-time habit to thank all of the quarterbacks around him who help him prepare for each game.

He reiterated this message to Flacco after he was traded.

Hurts said:

“I expressed that to Joe, and I just wanted to let him know that everything I said before those games, I truly believed it from the standpoint of the things that he’s been able to do over his career, the knowledge he’s poured on me, his voice in the room. It meant a lot to me. I wish him the best of luck as he gets the opportunity to go out there and play.”

Hurts also said that he and backup Gardner Minshew will miss Flacco’s experience.

He added:

“I think there is an age factor that does matter,” Hurts said. “And a maturity factor. Having that in the room, a guy that’s won the Super Bowl, seen so much, double-digit years in the league. He has more years than all of us combined in the room now. So it definitely means a lot to me, but I just lean on my coaches and on Gardner, and we’ll continue to get it rolling.”

Hurts As The Starting Quarterback


Jalen Hurts is in his second year, but in many respects, he is a rookie.

He has started in 11 games between the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Hurts is 3-8 overall with 225 completed passes, 16 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions during the 11 games encompassing both seasons.

Specifically in 2021, he is 2-5 with 10 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

Eagles Upcoming Schedule 


In Week 8, the Eagles travel to Detroit to take on the Lions.

After that, they host the Los Angeles Chargers at home in Week 9.

Weeks 10 and 11 are at Denver and home against New Orleans respectively.

That is followed up by two straight road trips up I-95 to play the New York Giants in Week 12 and the Jets in Week 13 before a Week 14 bye.

There are winnable games in that schedule for the Eagles, and they should be near or slightly above .500 going into the bye.

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