Hungarian Police to Continue to Protect Borders & Prevent Illegal Entries in 2022

Hungarian police officers will continue to help protect the borders and prevent illegal entries, by amongst others, arresting human smugglers and illegal migrants.

In this regard, authorities in Hungary have confirmed that a total of ten Hungarian police will set off to Serbia and 30 to North Macedonia to patrol the border and ban the unlawful entry of persons.

“In addition to being in service directly along the border, they will also work along roads within the country. The contingents will be equipped with vehicles, night vision equipment and mobile heat cameras,” the statement published by About Hungary reads, reports.

Previously, authorities in Hungary have announced that they will continue to protect their border from the increased number of migrants who are attempting to enter this country in an unlawful way.

In addition, previously, the government of Hungary passed the law named “Stop Soros” in order to prevent another influx of illegal migrants and also help immigrants apply for international protection and apply for residence permits in this country.

“At the initiative of the Brussels Committee, the European Court of Justice today ruled that the Stop Soros Act, passed in 2018, which criminalized the organization and financing of illegal migration, and the constitutional amendment adopted in parallel with the law, banned the mass resettlement of immigrants,” the announcement published back then by Hungarian State Secretary Zoltán Kovács read.

In October, Hungarian authorities announced that the illegal border crossing average per day was 319, compared to 97 during the same period one year earlier.

The increase in the number of persons who attempted to reach Hungary illegally pushed the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyas, to call on the European authorities to help cover at least one part of the costs of the country’s border fence.

Last year, authorities in Hungary also announced that a total of 50 Czech police officers reached Budapest in order to help protect the European Union’s Schengen borders in southern Hungary.

According to the Deputy National of the Police Chief, János Kuczik, protecting the southern borders offers security in all of the European countries.

Based on the figures published by Kuczik, over 7,000 people attempted to reach Hungary illegally during 2019, while the number increased to 46,000 during last year.

The same showed that the number of people who attempted to reach the Central European country illegally during the first nine months of last year reached 90,000.

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