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This week things went from bad to worse in the Ukraine with Russia ‘not optimistic’ about talks with the West.


France, Britain, the US, Poles and Czechs have all sold or donated weapons to Ukraine. Germany’s insistence that it doesn’t want to help Ukraine defend itself is looking increasingly eccentric, reported Anne Applebaum.


Spurred by such criticism, Germany announced it will supply 5,000 military helmets to Ukraine, 



“What next, pillows?” asked the Kyiv mayor.


BREAKING: Germany Sends Ukraine 5,000 EU Teddy Bears, mocked Le Chou.



And the EU’s diplomatic service building seems to have gotten the full blast  explained Alexandra Brzozowski


American EU Dude just reckons they chose the wrong building! “Nobody would miss the Borschette if it were completely demolished,” he snarked

Elisabeth Porteneuve agreed the Centre Borschette is the ugliest building in Brussels but said it was tough competition.


Aoife White was more in favour of trashing Brussels commune building!



But MEP Assistant things the European Commission to introduce new rules to criminalise attacks against EU institutions, with offenders condemned to do internships in the Committee of the Regions.



On Tuesday the Met Police launched investigations into the events that may have breached Health Protection Regulations.


If the other investigation by Sue Gray confirms Boris knew of parties, then Boris has lied and is obliged to resign. We do not need a Met investigation to prove he misled parliament tweeted JP Wright.


London police to investigate knife crime incident remarked Berlaymonster


Deposing the UK Prime Minister these days is a piece of cake reckons Martini Seltzermayr.


Even Larry the Downing Street Cat has had enough! “When I saw the Colin the Caterpillar cake held by my wife and our interior designer I believed implicitly that this was a work event.” he miaowed. Yeah, right.

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