Greenpeace EU Urges for More Rail Travel & Less Air Travel

The non-governmental organization Greenpeace European Unit has called on the European Union authorities to focus more on rail than plane travel, while also claiming that the EU Commission’s taxonomy plan is a licence to greenwash.

According to the statement published by the organization, the European Commission is attempting to label specific fossil gas and nuclear activities as “sustainable” investments in the EU taxonomy of green economic activities, based on a statement issued on December 31, reports.

“The Commission’s taxonomy is a licence to greenwash. Polluting companies will be delighted to have the EU’s seal of approval to attract cash and keep wrecking the planet by burning fossil gas and producing radioactive waste. Promoting these toxic and expensive forms of energy for decades to come is a real threat to Europe’s energy transition,” the statement reveals.

According to Greenpeace, the Commission of the EU has shown a “shocking disregard for the climate crisis,” as well as nature and European citizens, while urging the European Parliament to stop such a plan.

The statement shows that according to the European Commission, nuclear projects with construction permits launched by 2045 would be allowed for private investments, provided they can show plans for the management of radioactive waste.

“Gas projects with permits issued until 2030 would also be eligible, provided they fulfil a series of conditions, including emissions under 270g CO₂e/kWh. These provisions would deal a significant blow to the EU’s climate and environment action,” the statement reads.

In this regard, recently, the government of Denmark unfolded its plans that include making the flying green possible until the end of 2030. Such a rule was confirmed by the country’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, while she stressed that such a rule would apply to all domestic routes and flights.

Recently, the Dutch start-up company announced that it would launch a new night train that will connect several cities across the European Union, stopping in 12 different European cities, among them Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague.

The train was named European Sleeper train and is planned to start offering its services in Brussels after 7 pm and then make stops in Roosendaal, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hanover, Dresden, Decin, Bad Schandau, and Usti nad Labem.

Previously, the European Commission launched a train for the occasion of the European Year of Rail 2021 to raise awareness of the benefits of rail travel.

The train made a 20,000 km journey and travelled for 36 days across European Union countries and even those outside the EU.

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