France to Extend Health Pass Requirement Until July 2022

French citizens, residents, and travellers to the country may have to hold a Health Pass until July 2022 in order to access indoor areas like restaurants, bars, shopping centres, planes, and hospitals, among others, just as it was previously warned by

The Members of Parliament of France have agreed to extend the Health Pass requirement until July 2022 if the COVID-19 situation in the country and the area does not improve.

However, the move is not final as the bill has to go through some other procedures in order to be finalized, including being discussed in France’s senate during the next week. Only then the authorities will come to a conclusion regarding its extension.

The extension of the bill was previously announced by French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who said that the country’s authorities were working on the matter.

Back then, Castex explained that even if the extension of the bill might look paradoxical at this time when everyone is expecting for the travel restrictions to be eased, citizens of the country, as well as travellers, should still keep the pass with them in order to avoid an unexpected increase of Coronavirus infection cases.

The Health Pass requirement extension also follows the suggestion of the French President, Emmanuel Macron. Nonetheless, he said that certain restrictions might get relaxed in some areas that have been continuously registering low infection rates.

The draft law of the Health Pass was approved back in July and became fully functional in August. At that time, the country’s authorities agreed to end the requirement after November 15 as long as the MPs would not want to extend the measures again.

Since then, all persons have been required to hold a vaccination certificate, proof of recovery from the disease, or a negative COVID-19 test result carried out recently in order to be permitted access to certain areas and activities.

Except for French citizens, tourists are also required to hold a valid health pass in order to be allowed entry to certain places.

Despite the fact that those who hold a recent COVID-19 test result need to follow the same rules as vaccinated or recovered persons, Macron suggested that everyone gets fully vaccinated as it is more cost-effective and convenient to present a vaccination certificate rather than undergo testing several times a week.

Previously, the French authorities confirmed that since October 15, the country would no longer offer free of charge PCR and rapid antigen tests taken for non-medical reasons. This means that only those who show any Coronavirus-related symptoms, those who have been in contact with an infected person, and the ones who need to take the test for medical reasons can benefit from free testing.

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