France Issued 75,482 First Residence Permits for Family Reunification Purposes In 2020

More first residence documents for family reunification purposes were issued in France in 2020, the statistics provider, Statista has revealed.

The same source shows that out of a total of 193,302 permits issued, 75,482 first residence permits have been granted to third-country nationals of this category in France throughout 2020 – making up for the leading reason for residence permits issuance, followed by the group of people receiving the permits for studying purposes, with a difference of 3,176 people, reports.

While these two categories account for the highest number of residence documents delivered in France in 2020, permits issued on humanitarian grounds, including safety concerns of foreign nationals at their home countries, stood far below – with 30,739 of those issued in the same year.

Beneficiaries of first residence permits issued due to economic reasons make up for the fourth group with 26,583 permits issued. The residual category for other reasons, which can include talent visas, counted the lowest number of permits – 14,192. A talent visa is issued to highly skilled workers of a specific field and those with an advanced degree.

Recently, the French national agency Business France has revealed that French employers who want to bring skilled workers into the country would have to pay them higher wages. The agency said so while noting that since the French minimum wage has increased by 0.9 per cent, the minimum wage requirement for Talent Passport applicants has increased as well.

“The minimum hourly gross wage is now at €10.57, representing a monthly wage of €1,603.12 on a weekly basis of 35 hours,” the agency said on their website.

Furthermore, data from Eurostat has revealed that the number of the single total permits issued in the EU in 2020 has dropped from 3,007,108 to 2,716,629 – marking a 9.6 per cent shortfall for the 12-month period. In addition, renewed visa permits issuance has dropped by 15.5 per cent, falling at 1,028,757 documents issued.

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However, stats for change of status and first permits issued have increased, with the latter climbing by 12.6 per cent in 2020; more specifically, from 107,949 to 121,634. On the other hand, change of status rates remained stable compared to 2019 as 4,922 fewer permits were granted.

Furthermore, among five countries to issue the most residence permits include France with 226,000, falling behind Spain (312,000) and Germany (313,000). In addition, Poland issued the highest number (598 000) of first residence permits and, together with the top five Member States, accounted for 69 per cent of all first residence permits issued in the EU in 2020.

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