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FIBA instructor advises SVG to focus on 3 x 3 basketball
Nelson Isley, FIBA Teacher

Basketball authorities listed below are being suggested to deal with the three x 3 format, because it gives St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), the perfect prospects for worldwide recognition and potential success.

That’s the view of Nelson Isley, a well-known and travelled FIBA Teacher who was right here earlier this week conducting a Basketball workshop.
Basing his suggestion on actuality, Isley assessed that: “ A country like St Vincent (and the Grenadines), you have to be honest, may never qualify for the Olympic Games in 5 on 5, but they might be able to make it on 3 by 3, because all you have to have is three players”.

“ I know FIBA is very adamant about having 3 x 3 and that should be a big plus here because St Vincent and the Grenadines has received a new court”, Isley identified.

“FIBA America, along with FIBA headquarters have sent them a court on my recommendation… They have a court, a scoreboard, so they have to start to have a lot of 3 x 3 activities… you just take this court up and move it around,” he suggested.

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