Exude bold and elegance this season with latest Tiffany Knot

The Tiffany Knot, Tiffany & Co’s newest addition, is the perfect symbolism of elegance and strength to add to your jewellery collection. Here’s why.

Mastering the art of ‘making it’ in New York demands a rebellious streak, grit and a strong sense of self. In a city that commands strength of character and an unspoken understanding of one another, New Yorkers are known to be individualists, who are part of a larger collective. Tiffany Knot personifies this very spirit.

(All images: Tiffany & Co.)

The collection is a clever interplay of opposites, in which smooth organic lines mingle with striking jagged angles on easy-to-wear bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings. Subversive, audacious and individualistic all at once, the pieces are meant to be worn as both a statement of rebellion and a talisman of connection with those who ‘know’ and love the city’s indomitable spirit.

Distinguished by a motif of entwined ends forming a graphic knot, styles in yellow and rose gold seduce with sleek curves of precious metal and sharp edges that add dimensionality. If you’re after something scintillating, there are iterations featuring pavé diamonds that are hand-set at precise angles for maximum brilliance.

Tough yet delicate, just like the city that inspired it, each Tiffany Knot design is a complex feat of craftsmanship. The collection’s key piece is a double-row necklace that is set with over 300 pavé diamonds, which instil the design its movement and scale. A raw form in gold is painstakingly coaxed into a provocative design in the hands of one of Tiffany’s master artisans, who spent more than 22 hours crafting the Tiffany Knot pavé diamond hinged bracelet boasting over 400 dazzling diamonds.

Only the wearer knows that the gold knot motif deftly conceals the innovative clasp that opens the bracelet with a gentle twist. The craftsman employs both technical know-how and creative ingenuity to make the piece appear as one continuous, connected design – a testament to the exacting standards that drive the house’s constant search for innovation, rigour of form and precision of proportion.

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