EU to Impose New Framework for Belarus Sanctions to Halt Instrumentalisation of Migrants

The European Union Foreign Ministers are set to expand the sanctions imposed on Belarus in order to stop the instrumentalization of humans carried out by the Belarusian regime, following the migration crisis that its neighboring country, Poland, is currently facing.

According to the statement of the Council of the European Union, the new amendments will permit EU authorities to target persons as well as entities organizing or contributing to activities by the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko regime that ease unlawful crossing of the EU’s external borders, reports.

“Today’s decision reflects the determination by the European Union to stand up to the instrumentalization of migrants for political purposes. We are pushing back on this inhuman and illegal practice. At the same time, we continue to underline the unacceptable ongoing repression by the regime against its own population at home, and we will respond accordingly,” High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, pointed out in this regard.

A large number of persons have been stranded at the Belarus-Poland border, in freezing conditions, banned from reaching other European Union countries through Poland.

Recently, reported that citizens from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen planning to travel to Belarus from Turkish airports would not be allowed to do so, as Turkey’s Civil Aviation Authority halted airline ticket sales to these territories after this route has been very frequented by refugees and migrants, in their attempt to reach the European Union countries.

The statement published by the Council of the European Union has stressed that today’s decision follows the Council conclusions of 21 and 22 October, in which EU leaders declared that they would not permit the instrumentalization of migrants for political purposes.

During the second day of the European Union leaders’ summit held in October in Brussels, the leaders threw accusations towards Lukashenko of causing turmoil within the EU.

Such comments came after a surge in the number of refugees and migrants that Poland is currently facing, with many of them attempting to enter Poland illegally from Belarus.

Lukashenko’s rivals considered such actions as doings of the Belarusian President, who, according to them, is using migrants in order to destabilise the block.

In the plenary debate held on November 10, the Members of the European Union stressed that the European Union must stand united in response to Belarus’ regime, while they emphasized that such regime is an inhuman instrumentalization of migrants.

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