Dublin students declared BT Young Scientists of the Year for 2022

Two third year students from Synge Street CBS in Dublin have won the overall award in the 2022 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition after they devised a new method to solving an ancient problem of geometry.

Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar solved “the Bernoulli quadrisection problem”, an old but difficult problem in Euclidean geometry, by applying modern computation methods.

They used the technique of “particle swarm optimisation”, a computer algorithm inspired by biological phenomena seen in the behaviour of flocks of birds or swarms of bees.

It is the fourth time that the Dublin school has won the BTYSTE, having previously won in 2012, 2009 and 2004 – the most overall wins of any school on the island of Ireland.

The 58th staging of the contest was held online due to Covid-19.

This year’s projects covered a wide range of topics across health, mental wellbeing, the climate crisis and biodiversity loss – with more than 200 prizes being awarded across four categories.

The overall winner receives €7,500 in prize money and the chance to represent Ireland at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists .

The public can view projects and other BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition events through the exhibition’s portal. Further details are at btyoungscientist.com

More to follow.

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