Dan Orlovsky Reveals NFL QB Who Is Playing Fastest In The Pocket

Quarterback Dan Orlovsky #6 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers watches play against the San Francisco 49ers December 15, 2013 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
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Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky is carving out quite the nice career for himself as an analyst with ESPN.

He is all over the network’s NFL programming and has the expertise of being a former quarterback.

A recent tweet from Orlovsky offered up an interesting bit of discussion for fans.

So what does it mean to be fast in the pocket?

Orlovsky could be taking about a variety of factors when it comes to the great and efficient play of Derek Carr so far this season.


Derek Carr Is Having A Fantastic Year

The likely explanation is that Carr is playing fast in the sense where he is making his reads quick and getting the ball out as fast as possible.

He is not lingering in the pocket and as a result the Raiders offense is thriving.

Carr ranks second in the NFL in passing yards, just behind Tom Brady with a total of 2,269 in seven games.

He also has 12 touchdowns as the Raiders sit atop the AFC West division at 5-2.

It was fair to think that the Raiders may suffer severe setbacks following the resignation of Jon Gruden.

However, he never seemed to bring the best out of Carr and perhaps the quarterback is playing more free now that Gruden is gone.

What the Raiders are doing now is working and Carr is finally living up to the hype after so many years.

Pessimistic fans will point out that this team is no stranger to hot starts, only to fade late.

The difference now may be the pace Carr is on and the fact the division may be weaker than expected.

If the Raiders can surpass the Kansas City Chiefs this season, and do so thanks to Carr, they will have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations once the playoffs begin.

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