Czechia Abolishes Self-Isolation Rules for Unvaccinated & Unrecovered Travellers From High-Risk Areas

The Czech Republic’s authorities have announced that starting from today, October 27, travellers reaching the country from red or dark red-listed areas are no longer required to follow self-isolation rules since this measure has been dropped.

“The Ministry of Health is issuing a new protective measure with effect from Wednesday, October 27, which regulates the conditions for returning from abroad. It will no longer be necessary to undergo self-isolation for returns from red and dark red countries,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

Accordingly, under the new rules unvaccinated and unrecovered travellers from the following countries are now eligible to skip the quarantine requirement when travelling to Czechia:

  • Red countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Ireland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Greece, Slovakia
  • Dark red countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia and all other countries that are not part of other lists

“We wanted to reflect the court’s decision as much as possible. We have therefore issued a new protective measure, which is simplified and better understood and takes into account the court decision,” the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, said, commenting on the country’s new rules.

Nonetheless, even though the self-isolation rule has been abolished for all those entering Czechia from one of the countries mentioned above,everyone is still required to follow several other entry rules, reports.

In line with the latest update from the Ministry of Health of Czechia, all persons returning from a red or dark red country must fill in the arrival form, regardless of their vaccination status. Moreover, they need to submit the confirmation on its completion if required at the border.

Vaccinated and recovered travellers are only required to fill in the entry form. They are exempt from the testing requirement.

“Return testing conditions do not apply to persons who have at least 14 days after full vaccination or who have experienced covid-19 in the last 180 days. All they have to do is fill in the arrival form,” the Ministry explained.

On the other hand, stricter rules apply to those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the COVID-19 disease. Travellers who fall under this category and who are reaching Czechia from highly affected areas are required to present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test result upon their arrival.

Furthermore, the same Ministry has announced that unvaccinated and unrecovered travellers from red and dark red-listed countries need to undergo a second test while in Czechia. The second COVID-19 test can be taken on or after the fifth day.

Those who travel to Czechia by individual transport are allowed to skip the pre-entry test. They are only required to take the test after day five.

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