COVID-19 Situation Worsens in Europe Just as Majority of Countries Relax Entry Rules, ECDC Reveals

The most recent update of maps by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has shown that the COVID-19 situation has started to worsen in several EU Member States. Nonetheless, some areas still remain safe.

In line with the data that has been published today, October 28, Croatia, half of Belgium, and two regions of Ireland are now part of the dark red list. Last week, the whole territory of Ireland was part of the red list. However, since the country has registered increased infection rates, Munster and Leinster are now part of the dark red list.

Such categorisation has been made since these countries have identified more than 500 positive COVID-19 infection cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the last couple of weeks, reports.

Except for the newly added countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Romania are already part of the list.

Taking into account the increased infection rates in all dark red-listed countries, the EU health agency highly discourages travel to these areas, especially for those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the COVID-19 disease.

Since every Member State has the right to keep its own rules, travellers from dark red countries might be subject to restrictions. For this reason, everyone is advised to check their destination country’s entry rules before travelling in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Through the same update, it has been revealed that Liechtenstein and Iceland are now categorised as red countries. In addition, the whole territory of the Netherlands and half of Norway, and half of Czechia are now coloured red, after registering up to 200 infection cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the last 14 days.

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As a general rule, travellers from red-listed countries should follow entry rules when travelling to the other Member States. Nonetheless, vaccinated and recovered travellers fall into the exemption list.

In contrast, the situation has remained relatively the same in Malta, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and France, which are the safest countries to travel to in Europe, for now.

Currently, the whole territory of France and Sweden is part of the orange list. On the other hand, Malta, half of Spain and half of Italy are coloured green. Since these countries have been registering relatively low infection rates, travel to these areas is safe.

This means that persons travelling from any of these safe countries are released from entry rules as long as they hold an EU Digital COVID-19 Passport or another equivalent document.

Previously, reported that EU countries are trying to reach an agreement that would allow their citizens to travel freely within the bloc without being subject to strict COVID-19 restrictions.

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