Community divided over St Leonards seal

A small Victorian group is split over whether or not a seal squatting on the native boat ramp ought to be allowed to remain or be given the boot.

The slippery animal took up residence on the boat ramp in St Leonards, close to Geelong, three or 4 weeks in the past, in keeping with locals.

Some residents consider the seal ought to be allowed to snooze the place it likes whereas others are sad about it blocking the boat ramp.

Victorian community divided by seal squatting on boat ramp.
The seal has been squatting on a ship ramp in St Leonards. (9News)

Native resident Jamie Micallef was on the boat ramp earlier this week making an attempt to launch his boat when his daughter screamed at him to cease.

He mentioned the seal got here between him and his daughter inflicting a brief “standoff”.

“I’ve went to go grab her and he came up aggressively and tried to attack me,” Mr Micallef mentioned.

“It’s tried to attack us it came between us and we couldn’t do anything.”

Victorian community divided by seal squatting on boat ramp.
Locals are divided over the creature’s new dwelling. (9News)

His daughter, Sadie, mentioned the seal stored barking at her throughout the interplay.

Mr Micallef is among the residents who consider the seal ought to be moved alongside.

“It’s a menace like it’s actually dangerous.”

In the meantime, different residents have turn out to be keen on the brand new vacationer attraction within the seaside city.

“He’s gorgeous, love him he’s just beautiful,” one girl advised 9News.

“It’s really great to see him owning the space.”

Victorian community divided by seal squatting on boat ramp.
Some fishermen need the animal gone. (9News)

Native Ian Parsons mentioned the group does want to concentrate on the hazard of the seal and as an alternative “admire from afar”.

“I think it’s a wild animal we’ve been kept aware of the potential danger of getting too close because it will get aggressive,” Mr Parsons mentioned.

Locals consider the seal could have been injured and that is why he is parked himself right here.

One other idea is the seal could have quick access to meals and scraps on the ramp.

Seal takes up residence on boat ramp in Victorian town.
Locals are enamoured by the creature residing on the ramp. (9News)

Some folks have taken to naming their latest resident.

“There are a few names flying around on Facebook like Murphy or Malcolm,” one girl mentioned.

One other girl believed the seal ought to be named Squid or Sunny for the reason that creature is all the time sunbaking.

Indicators have been put in on the ramp to warn folks about approaching the seal and tape has been positioned throughout the ramp.

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