Birthday Love: Sushmita Sen’s unforgettable performances

Rising to stardom after winning the Miss Universe title in 1994 and becoming an actress thereafter, Sushmita Sen has managed to stay on top of her game ever since. Having been very selective with the films she’s taken on, Sen has ensured her filmography is made up of a wide range of characters, genres and storylines.

As she celebrates her 46th Birthday, BizAsiaLive.com looks at some of the actress’s most unforgettable roles.

Rupali – ‘Biwi No1’ (1999)
Sharing the screen with the likes of Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Tabu and Anil Kapoor, Sen took on a role that many of that time would turn away. The comedy about an extra-marital affair, Sen plays the glamorous other woman, who despite being an unlikable character, audiences fell in love with. Sen immediately displayed incredible talent through her performance, where she shined through so much, it became her first award-winning performance.

Sia Seth – ‘Filhaal’ (2002)
Taking on another project with Tabu, where this time they play best friends, ‘Filhaal’ was thought-provoking and addressed the subject of surrogacy which was still a taboo subject at the time. The audience loved the chemistry between the two actresses who played best friends, which made it all the more heartfelt in seeing their characters go through the intensities of bearing children in the way. With her performance, Sen encouraged the audience to invest in her character’s journey as a surrogate, bringing the realities of such an act to the surface.