Bears Ownership Clarifies Stance On Matt Nagy

NFL head coach Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears reacts during the first half against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on October 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)


A bombshell report dropped this week saying the Chicago Bears planned to fire Matt Nagy this week and informed him of the decision on Monday.

This report came from Mark Konkol, A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

That meant there was credibility behind the news, even if it did not come from a national NFL reporter.

This served as a huge distraction and the report was never confirmed.

Nagy said he had no idea about an impending firing and there was never any response from the front office.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently got a scoop that says the Bears were shocked by the report as well.

George McCaskey is the chairman of the Bears and would obviously know if he himself planned to fire the head coach.

Yet the fact he even had to tell the players the report was a lie serves as a distraction during what has been a disappointing season.


Sticking With Nagy, For Now

The Bears have been around for a century and have never fired a coach during a season.

This is an old-school franchise and that tradition may remain if they have no plans to fire him at this point following a five-game losing streak.

Perhaps a loss to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving could sway opinions in the building.

Still, there is no reason to expect the Bears to change their ways in 2021.

Konkol likely got this news from a trusted source and decided to report it.

However, if Nagy was not told he was going to be fired Monday then someone within the organization was given bad information, which was then passed on to the journalist.

It would be a shock if Nagy returns in 2022.

That fact means the rest of the season could get ugly if the losing continues alongside the rumors.

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