After restaurants, Michelin Guide will now help travellers find best hotels

After helping travellers and food lovers discover the best restaurants around the world for over a century, the illustrious Michelin Guide has now included hotels in its exclusive and coveted rolls.

In a statement, Michelin Guide said that the hotel selection is done upholding the same standards by which restaurants are selected. The rules of selection of restaurants and hotels are therefore the same. According to Michelin, the aim is “to strive for excellence, promote uniqueness, and highlight local know-how and the art of living.”

(Featured Image Credit: The Chedi Andermatt / Tablet Hotels/Michelin Guide; Hero Image Credit: Sasha Stories/Unsplash)

Tainaron Blue Retreat
The Tainaron Blue Retreat overlooking the sea. (Image credit: © Tainaron Blue Retreat/Michelin Guide)

Tablet Hotels and selection process

According to Michelin, the French tyre maker and mobility company, hotels are selected by a team at Tablet Hotels and its community of travellers.

Tablet Hotels, an online travel agency, was acquired by Michelin in 2018 and has since been the Guide’s hotel experts. Michelin says that the hotel selection helps maintain its “historical commitment to offer only memorable experiences.”

Restaurants, on the other hand, are selected by anonymous Michelin Guide inspectors of renown.

Michelin Guide
The Villa Crespi at Lake Orta, Italy. (Image credit: Villa Crespi / Tablet Hotels/Michelin Guide)

How does it work?

The hotels can be discovered via the official Michelin website and mobile apps.

Verified guests who book hotels through Tablet can share their feedback to help in the evaluation process of the Michelin Guide. Based on the reviews, hotels can be removed if the ratings are unsatisfactory.

Michelin Guide stresses on the style, service and personality of the hotels when it comes to selecting them, which helps travellers find the best places to stay irrespective of the price. The criteria comprise interior design, architecture, authenticity, quality of service and the hotel’s significance as a destination.

The system, according to Michelin, makes the recommendations “worthy of its users’ trust.”

While the restaurants’ selection covers more than 35 destinations, the hotel selection extends to over 120 countries.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides, said, “By making our hotel selection even more rigorous and focusing only on the strongest, most unique and most memorable experiences, the MICHELIN Guide aims to bring the know-how and expertise of its teams to travellers and gourmets around the world.”

Lucy Lieberman, CEO of Tablet Hotels, said, “Today, as the hotel experts at the MICHELIN Guide, we are committed to the same ambition as the Guide’s restaurant selection: showing travellers only places that are worth their time — place that will contribute something meaningful to their journey.”

“And, like we do for restaurateurs, we are pleased that our selection will shine a light on the talent, expertise and personality of passionate hoteliers who help make the world’s great destinations so eternally attractive,” Lieberman added.

Underlining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hotels and travel, Michelin Guide said in its statement that it is “committed to actively promoting the industry and meeting the expectations of travellers and gourmets who are more eager than ever to enjoy authentic culinary experiences and unforgettable getaways”.

Sukhothai Bangkok
A view of The Sukhothai Bangkok. (Image credit: The Sukhothai Bangkok / Tablet Hotels/Michelin Guide)

Type of hotels on its list

Hotels that are currently listed in the Guide are some of the greatest in the world, offering excellent hospitality services. Adding Greece’s Tainaron Blue Retreat to its illustrious list, Michelin says that the hotel is a stone watchtower, built centuries ago at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Another remarkable addition is Dunton Hot Springs in a ghost town in the southwestern Colorado wilderness. Michelin says that though the buildings appear to not have changed since 1918, the accommodations are “some of the most desirable.”

Incredibly strange places are not the only ones on the list. There are farmhouses in southern Italy, such as the luxury boutique hotel Masseria Calderisi in Savelletri di Fasano, as well as a long list of other famous names from around the world.

Among these is the breathtakingly beautiful The Chedi Andermatt in Andermatt, Switzerland; the magnificent Hotel des Grands Boulevards in Paris, France; the modern high-end luxury The PuXuan Hotel & Spa in Beijing, China; the naturally endowed The Sukhothai Bangkok in Thailand; and acclaimed actor Robert DeNiro’s The Greenwich Hotel in New York City, US.

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