ACT child hospitalised after eating death cap mushroom

A younger youngster within the ACT is fortunate to be alive after they consumed a lethal mushroom which has sparked a public well being warning from territory officers.

ACT Chief Well being Officer Dr Kerryn Coleman mentioned a toddler has been hospitalised after consuming a dying cap mushroom which, because the title suggests, could be lethal.

Dr Coleman has warned Canberrans to not choose or eat wild mushrooms as a result of the potential of consuming a lethal selection.

Death cap mushrooms
Dying cap mushrooms could be deadly even in small quantities. (Getty)

“Canberrans should remember that it is never safe to pick and eat wild mushrooms,” she mentioned.

“Death cap mushrooms can be deadly and all parts of the mushroom are poisonous whether they have been cooked or not.”

Dying cap mushrooms can resemble edible mushrooms however even a small quantity could be deadly.

Even when the range is cooked, they continue to be lethal.

The mushroom species is discovered throughout the ACT and infrequently grows beneath oak timber.

Death cap mushrooms
The species is usually discovered close to oak timber. (Fairfax Media)

Dr Coleman warned the group to not contact wild mushrooms with naked arms and to maintain kids and animals away from them.

Persons are urged to go to the hospital in the event that they assume they’ve eaten a dying cap mushroom.

“Pains, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea are some of the main symptoms of poisoning after eating mushrooms and generally occur after 6-24 hours or more,” Dr Coleman mentioned.

“The chances of survival increase when treatment is started early.

“Don’t take the chance and do not eat mushrooms you might have discovered within the wild.”

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