A League of Extraordinary Makers

Concerning the Present

A walkthrough the Makerverse, a world the place artists, inventors and hackers come collectively to make virtually something. From guitars shaped from AK-47s to a wholly open laptop computer that ships with screwdrivers, from know-how that grows to style that feels, from 3D printed prosthetics to digitally fabricated cities – that is the story of the Maker motion, a deep-dive into the minds of extraordinary Makers and the issues they make!

A motion that begins within the American storage and seeps out of the periphery onto the streets the place Makers develop into the superheroes the world wants immediately. From nothing or once-destitute circumstances, Makers are rising once more to reimagine a future the place everyone seems to be a Maker, Makerspaces develop into micro factories, bits flip into atoms and cities produce the whole lot they want on their very own.

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