6 Schengen Area Countries Have Now Extended Their Border Controls for Another Half-Year

Six Schengen Area Member Countries have prolonged the reintroduction of border controls for one more six months, primarily citing as a cause secondary actions and terrorist threats, despite a judgment of the Court docket of Justice of the European Union, which had identified that the extension of border controls past six months for a similar cause is in contradiction to the Schengen Border Code.

Whereas Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, have extended border controls that have been set to run out on Could 11, to November 2022. France, then again, has prolonged its border controls in any respect inner borders on account of “continuous terrorist threat, secondary movements” till October 31.

On the similar time, France is the one Schengen nation that continues to maintain in place border controls primarily based on the context of COVID-19. The identical have been set to run out on April 30, however the French authorities have authorized their extension for six extra months, asserting that border controls contribute to the prevention of COVID-19 on account of cross-border motion.

The opposite 5, have launched inner checks on the following borders and for the next causes:

  • Austria – at land borders with Hungary and with Slovenia on account of secondary actions, threat associated to terrorists and arranged crime, and the scenario on the exterior borders
  • Denmark – on the land border and on ports with ferry connections to Germany and Sweden on account of terrorist threats, organized criminality threats
  • Germany – on the land border with Austria on account of secondary actions, in addition to the scenario on the exterior borders
  • Norway – at ports with ferry connections to Denmark, Germany, and Sweden on account of terrorist threats and secondary actions
  • Sweden – on account of terrorist threats and shortcomings on the exterior borders; to be decided however could concern all inner borders

All six have prolonger beforehand reintroduced border checks despite the EU Court docket issuing a judgment in April this 12 months, calling such borders unlawful.

The Schengen Borders Code permits a Member State, where there is a serious threat to its public policy or internal security, to reintroduce border control temporarily at its borders with the other Member States. However, the Court holds that such a measure, including all possible prolongations, cannot exceed a maximum total duration of six months,” the Court docket says in its judgment relating to the case of a citizen who was fined by Austrian authorities on the border with Slovenia, after the identical refused to current his passport, telling the border officers the Schengen Borders Code permitted him to refuse to indicate his passports at inner border controls.

In accordance with the Court docket, the Member States can reintroduce border controls past six months however not for a similar cause because the earlier six months, asserting that this era ought to have been sufficient for the member state to give you more practical means to forestall that exact risk.

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