6 Bangkok meme accounts to follow on Instagram and relate so hard

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Life in Bangkok undeniably comes with its fair share of peculiarities. Here are the best Bangkok meme accounts on Instagram that wholly embrace life in the city.

Whether it’s affirmations about not bumping into people you know in Phuket, or its memes about the PM 2.5, Kolour in the Park, and working in Sathorn, there is no shortage of cheeky Bangkok memes on the internet. If you’re somebody who enjoys this kind of content, we rounded up some of the best Bangkok meme accounts for you to follow. Proceed with caution and a grain of salt, and prepare to laugh, relate, and agree so hard.

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6 Bangkok meme accounts to follow on Instagram

BKK Memes

With over 13k followers, @bkkmemes is one of the go-to Bangkok meme pages for Bangkok meme lovers. Posting “niche memes about life in Bangkok,” you’ll find a running commentary about daily life in Bangkok here, be it the arrival of Russell Crowe in town, the PM 2.5 versus Covid-19 battle, and life in Thailand during the pandemic.

Bangkok Affirmations

Riding on the trend that is daily affirmations, @bangkokaffirmations is a relatively new Instagram account, but it is already hitting the nail right on the millennial’s head. Aiming to bring some hilarious positivity to our everyday lives, the page is all about attracting the good, whether it be Justin Bieber tickets, Haidilao hotpot, or not bumping into Bangkokians every time you fly to Phuket. Each of the posts cheekily invite you to “type KA/KHRUP to claim,” which we also kind of love.

Bougie Bangkok Girl

This account has been running for a while, and is one of the most popular Bangkok meme accounts on Instagram. With over 19.5k followers, the account’s eponymous owner has a grandma that “only shops at Gaysorn,” and aims to make “Bangkok memes for the mass.” Poking fun at the hisos and all their ridiculous habits, a lot of @bougiebangkokgirl’s posts are some of the most daring out there.

Good Morning Sathorn

A whole Bangkok meme account dedicated to Sathorn, @goodmorningsathorn entails memes about life in the Central Business District. Poking fun at the stresses of office life in Bangkok, as well as working with clients and hard-to-please bosses, here’s an account that acknowledges how hard this city works, and how badly it wants to let loose.

BKK Club Memes

Bangkok likes to party, and @bkkclubmemes knows it. Whether it’s commenting on the crowds at Kolour or just another night at Sing Sing, this Bangkok meme account is all about nightlife, in the most hilarious of ways.

Memeseum of Contemporary Art BKK

Thailand’s art scene only keeps on growing, and with it, the Thai art scene memes only keep on coming. @memeseumofcontemporaryartbkk is a super niche Bangkok meme account, yet is packed with gems if you get the jokes. From poking fun at various artists to teasing the crowds that come to see them, art lovers and gallery-hoppers may enjoy these tongue-in-cheek posts that always offer something new and kind of insightful about the industry and its works.

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