5 ways to dress like Jung Hoyeon

Welcome to LSA Style Anatomy, a class in the deconstruction of the style of some of our favourite icons and influencers. Summarising their key attributes into a few takeaway points, consider it your entryway to dressing like your favourite haute heroes.

In this edition, we’re looking at Jung Hoyeon, the talk-of-the-town South Korean model from Netflix’s global sensation ‘Squid Game’. The phenomenon of this fascinating thriller series isn’t just one of the most streamed shows on record, but it also shot her off the runway into superstardom. Thanks to that rise of fame, she’s now the face of Louis Vuitton and Adidas.

Off the runway, Jung Hoyeon is a fan of Chanel and she’s often spotted wearing various items from the brand. Just like her good friend Blackpink’s Jennie, she balances elegance with edge. She likes to style herself with a minimal yet classy look. Here are five cues to take from her.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Instagram @hoooooyeony]

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