3 Most Disappointing NFL Injuries In 2021

Derrick Henry #22 of the NFL Tennessee Titans carries the ball against the Seattle Seahawks during the fourth quarter at Lumen Field on September 19, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.
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It’s a miracle for NFL players to finish a season without missing any games due to physical inability.

They play one of the most violent sports globally and any play can lead to season or career-ending injuries.

These players train hard every day to prepare their bodies for the impact they will take.

But no training regimen can withstand the hard hits they endure for 60 minutes.

The 2021 NFL season is no different as injuries continue to pile up for all teams.

However, not all injuries are equal, and three of them had a massive impact on their squads and the league.


3. Michael Thomas

The New Orleans Saints wide receiver will miss the entire 2021 season due to an ankle injury.

However, it shouldn’t be that way if he got treatment for his injury earlier.

Michael Thomas believed that his condition would naturally heal and got a second opinion to validate his belief.

The delay in treatment left the Saints with no other choice but to place him on injured reserve.

Unfortunately, recent setbacks during his recovery left the team with no choice but to declare him out for the season.

His presence could have helped a struggling Saints franchise that is yet to win since Jameis Winston went down to injury.

Alvin Kamara‘s absence doesn’t help head coach Sean Payton either.

Having him healthy gives Trevor Siemian a legitimate downfield runner who can stretch the field quickly.

Instead, the Saints offense looks limited, as shown in their recent game against the Buffalo Bills.

Their situation could be different if Thomas handled his injury differently.


2. Derrick Henry

It’s hard to imagine Derrick Henry falling to injury because he is an imposing physical specimen.

Defensive linemen and linebackers cannot slow him down once he finds an open gap.

Cornerbacks and safeties do not stand a chance when he unleashes his stiff arm.

The former Alabama running back led the league in rushing yards and touchdowns before suffering a foot ailment.

Initially, the Tennessee Titans found ways to soften the blows of his absence.

They won two more games thanks to their defense.

However, not having Henry in the backfield might be catching up with Tennessee after losing two games.

The Titans dominated the run game in their Week 12 game against the New England Patriots.

Sadly, not having the reigning Offensive Player of the Year derailed their scoring against the Houston Texans and the Patriots.

But even if he hasn’t played since Week 8, he is still second in rushing yards and fourth in touchdowns this season.

His injury has a massive effect and the Titans are having difficulties punching the ball through the end zone.


1. Christian McCaffrey

Despite Cam Newton‘s return, Christian McCaffrey remains the heart and soul of the Carolina Panthers offense.

They had no problems scoring when the second-generation NFL player dominated on both passing and receiving plays.

Unfortunately, he caught the injury bug this season and returned to action briefly.

Now, he’s out for the season because of an ankle injury.

McCaffrey played seven games this year, which is an increase from the three games he had in 2020.

What a sad turn of events for a running back who missed all but three games last year.

Without him, the Panthers offense looks lost as Newton finished with five completions for 92 yards and two interceptions in Week 12.

His NFL future in Carolina looks bleak, and the team will continue to struggle without him.

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