Greek Tourism Minister: Tourist Season in Greece Hasn’t Ended Yet

Greece’s Tourism Minister, Vasilis Kikilia, says that the tourist season in the Hellenic Republic is still active, and hasn’t ended yet.

Such comments the Minister made during an interview on the Skai show, while he recalled that the country would introduce two campaigns in order to attract tourists from other countries during the end-year holiday season and spring, reports.

“A very big effort has been made in the midst of a pandemic, and it is obviously the common component of the effort of hoteliers, transporters, people who work around the tourism professions, airlines, tour operators, the way the country is advertised abroad, of visitors, of the sustainable tourist product,” Kikilia pointed out in this regard.

According to the Minister, there are four pillars of Greece’s tourism policy:

  • Supporting infrastructure in zones and considered at risk
  • Creating a task force crisis management
  • Digitalization
  • Upgrading education in Greece related to tourism

“I am moderately optimistic on the condition that we will all move to the same component of promoting the tourism product, with quality tourism, upgraded, with more income and jobs. We will fight for it. We will fight these months. The job of a Minister of Tourism is now, in autumn and winter,” Kikilia has emphasized.

Greece is among the European countries that have continuously attempted to revive its tourism sector that has been profoundly affected by the Coronavirus.

Recently, reported that the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) congratulated Greece for the safe reopening of the tourism sector during this year.

The country has hosted more than six million tourists since the beginning of this year, which figures show that during this year, Greece has opened its doors to a high number of tourists compared to many other European countries.

Previously, Greece’s Tourism Minister unfolded its plans, which include attracting visitors from other countries during this month, the year-end holiday season and Easter.

Such an announcement of the Minister came after Greece was the first country of choice for holidays for passengers from France during the peak tourist season. Kikilia comments came during the IFTM Top Resa exhibition that was held in Paris last week.

A total of 679,157 people in Greece have contracted the Coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, while 15,177 people have lost their lives due to the virus, according to the figures provided by the World Health Organization.

The same source shows that Greece has registered a total of 2,358 COVID-19 infection cases in the last 24 hours and 42 deaths.

However, despite those figures, authorities in Greece have managed to find effective ways in order to revive its industries that have been highly affected by the spread of the virus, including the travel and tourism industry.

Last month, the Tourism Minister stressed that occupancy in accommodation and hotels in Greece last month reached 63 per cent, for a period from September 12 until September 19. In addition, the Minister also highlighted that starting from next month, the German airline Condor would operate flights to Crete.

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