Officials Report Increased Number of Persons Attempting to Cross the Border Between Poland & Belarus

A total of 739 people attempted to cross the border between Poland and Belarus, marking the highest number of attempts to cross this border for a single day.

In addition, authorities in Poland have pointed fingers at Belarus’ authorities, accusing the latter of easing migration to the European Union eastern border, as reported by CNN, reports.

Nearly 16,000 persons who attempted to cross the border between Poland and Belarus in an unlawful way have been stopped since August, according to the figures provided by the Belarusian state agency, Belta, as reported by CNN.

Based on the data provided by the same source, of those, a total of 5,000 cases  have been identified during October.

The same source has revealed that at least four people have lost their lives while attempting to cross the border between Poland and Belarus in August; at the same time, three people were found dead on Poland’s side of the border.

According to the announcement of the authorities in Poland, many of the arrivals at the country’s common border with Belarus came from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The current border issue is raising tensions between Belarus and Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, among others.

Back in August, Lithuania’s Ministry of Interior announced that the country would install a 508-kilometer-long physical barrier in the common border with Belarus, as part of the country’s efforts to deal with the recent increase in the number of migrants.

The decision came after armed forces in Belarus pushed a total of 35 migrants into the Lithuanian territory.

“A physical barrier is necessary for us to repel the hybrid attack carried out by the Belarusian regime against Lithuania and the entire EU,” the Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Šimonytė pointed out back then.

In this regard, recently reported that a total of 12 European Union Member States addressed a joint letter to the European Commission, urging the latter to permit physical barriers as a border protection preventive measure.

The letter named ‘Adaptation of the EU legal framework to new realities’ was signed by the following countries: Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Back in August, the United Nations refugee agency urged authorities in Poland to shelter a group of 32 migrants from Afghanistan and Iraq who were stuck at the country’s border with Belarus for a period of over two weeks. According to the local media reports, the group was staying near the Polish village of Usnarz Gorny.

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