76ers And Ben Simmons May Have An Awkward Reunion

Joel Embiid #21 and Ben Simmons #25 of the Philadelphia 76ers react in the final minutes of their 127-111 win over the Atlanta Hawks in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at State Farm Arena on June 11, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


Ben Simmons seemed to make his point clear toward the Philadelphia 76ers all offseason.

He wanted out and was not going to change his mind.

Teammates were told not to visit him because he was so set on losing money by sticking to his view.

Well, about that.

A recent report declares Simmons and the 76ers may have found some common ground.

Is money the main factor here?

That would certainly make sense as leaving over $30 million on the table is a ludicrous decision.

If he does come back, an awkward situation is in store for everyone.


Still Seeking A Trade

The report does mention that the 76ers are still seeking trades for Simmons.

Yet the lack of a deal so far likely means there is little interest, or the asking price is way too high.

The latter being true, which seems to be the case, means the 76ers are convinced Simmons should stay and that they can win with him around.

They may also need to have some trade packages in their back pocket given the potential animosity created by Simmons in this situation.


An Awkward State Of Affairs

So, how is this going to go?

Simmons basically came out and said he doesn’t think this team is a good fit for him.

That is a direct shot at his teammates and 76ers star Joel Embiid.

A lot of these problems started last postseason when Simmons seemingly refused to shoot the ball, even if an easy dunk was right in front of him.

Embiid and head coach Doc Rivers must have slighted Simmons enough for him to declare he had to be traded even though he recently signed a lucrative extension.

If they can convince Simmons to return, everyone just has to be professional.

But if his shooting woes continue, expect the drama to build exponentially.

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