Denmark Now Allows Restriction-Free Entry for Arrivals From Portugal, Sweden, Liechtenstein & Some Other Regions

The Danish authorities have announced that travellers reaching the country from Portugal, Sweden, Liechtenstein, and several other regions of France and Greece will now be permitted restriction-free entry since they have been moved to the green list, which includes countries considered safe based on their COVID-19 epidemiological situation.

Such an announcement, which was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, was taken in line with the recent figures provided by the Statens Serum Institut and entered into force yesterday, October 9, reports.

Except for Portugal, Sweden, and Liechtenstein, the regions that turned green yesterday are as follows:

  • Regions of France: Occitanie, Grand Est and Corsica
  • Regions of Greece: North Aegean including Chios, Lesbos, and Samos

Accordingly, based on the current rules that Denmark has, all travellers from one of the green-listed countries and regions who have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease or recovered from it during the last six months can now enter Denmark’s territory without having to follow any entry rules.

Such a decision means they are not required to test before or after entry. In addition, they are also exempt from the self-isolation rule.

Moreover, regarding Danes who plan to travel outside the country, the Ministry noted that they can now travel to one of the countries and regions that have been newly added to the green list without having to undergo COVID-19 testing upon their return in Denmark, regardless of their vaccination status.

“Liechtenstein, Sweden and Portugal as well as regions in France and Greece turn green in the travel guides. This means that non-vaccinated Danish tourists can go on holiday to these areas without having to be tested on their return to Denmark,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

In addition, the same Ministry announced that since yesterday Lithuania is part of the yellow list, meaning that unvaccinated and unrecovered travellers reaching Denmark from this country must undergo COVID-19 testing after entry. In contrast, fully vaccinated and recovered Lithuanian travellers are permitted restriction-free entry.

Similar to last week, the authorities made sure to highlight that Danes can now travel to most countries and regions worldwide. In addition, except for the EU and Schengen Area countries, many other third countries, including popular international winter destinations, are now part of Denmark’s orange list, which consists of medium-risk countries in terms of the COVID-19 situation, meaning that travel to these areas is no longer discouraged.

However, everyone has been advised to check the entry rules and restrictions of their destination country before travelling to avoid any inconvenience.

Previously, the Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association (DRF) called on Denmark’s government to remove its travel restrictions imposed against third-country nationals.

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