Beijing-born designer kicks off 2022 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week

(China Daily) The 2022 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week kicked off in Shanghai Xintiandi on Friday night and fashion brand Mashama by Beijing-born designer Masha Ma took the lead in releasing the new collection.
As the first youngest Chinese designer on the official agenda at Paris Fashion Week, Masha Ma has been a regular participant at the major fashion event since 2012.
This is the first time Masha Ma, who graduated from Central Saint Martins in London, returned to the domestic fashion stage.
Themed “Bousingot in Spring,” the new season of Mashama was inspired by bousingot, a romantic pioneer movement group composed of writers and artists in France in the 1930s.
The new collection seeks to create a genderless style of presenting women’s attitudes and power – romance, passion, freedom, and independence – while mainly using carbon black, moonlight white, moss green and grey-blue colors.
Meanwhile, it is also the first time for Shanghai Fashion Week to break the previous practice of opening the event with mature commercial brands and took designer brands as the opening show.
Source: By He Qi in Shanghai | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-10-09 16:10

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