UK Extends Emergency Visa Scheme Until March After Only 27 Tanker Drivers From EU Applied

The United Kingdom’s emergency visa scheme, projected to fill the gaps in the country due to petrol shortages, has only attracted 27 fuel tank drivers from the European Union countries, according to the announcement of the UK’s ministers.

Such a number of applications has pushed authorities in Britain to extend the scheme until March 31, 2022, reports.

Regarding the issue, the executive director of the Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA), Gordon Balmer, has stressed that “this is leaving some motorists continuing to feel insecure about fuel availability at their local neighbourhood filling stations,” as reported by the Guardian.

Previously, the figures published by PRA revealed that London and the South East had 71 per cent of forecourts stocked with both grades of fuel compared to 91 per cent somewhere else.

“Independent forecourts report a complete lack of visibility as to when their next delivery might arrive, and some have been dry for four days and still waiting for a delivery. Fuel haulage drivers from abroad will be allowed to work in the United Kingdom shortly and will not be subjected to preciding bans, a Cabinet Office release said,” Balmer pointed out.

On October 1, the UK’s government announced that it would further extend the emergency visa scheme in order to help labour shortages.

As the Guardian reported, the administration of Boris Johnson clarified that such new measures would permit 300 fuel drivers to enter the country immediately and remain there until the end of March.

In addition, according to the announcement through the new rules, about 4,700 food haulage drivers will also be allowed to enter the UK  from late October and remain there until the end of February.

The government of the UK has also prolonged the temporary visa schemes beyond Christmas and into New Year.

The government said that the military personnel are being trained at hauliers sites, and from next week they will be on the road delivering fuel supplies. It added that fuel haulage drivers from abroad will also be allowed to work in the UK immediately and will not be subjected to previous barriers,” the announcement reads, as reported by the Republic World.

In addition, the Cabinet Office has stressed that hauliers will find drivers to recruit and will submit requests to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Then the Department will endorse applicants.

Besides, the government confirmed that a total of 5,500 poultry workers will reach the country from late October and will be permitted to remain there until the end of this year.

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