France to Extend Health Pass Requirement, Bill Is Underway

The French Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced on Monday that the country’s authorities are preparing a bill to extend the Health Pass requirement.

According to the French newspaper, Le Parisien, the new bill to extend such a requirement will be presented on October 13 to the Council of Ministers.

Commenting on the decision, Castex said that even though it might seem paradoxical to extend the health pass rule right now when everyone is talking about easing the restrictions, citizens still need to keep the pass with them when attending certain places in order to avoid a resurgence in COVID-19 infection cases.

The extension of the bill also follows the suggestion of President Emmanuel Macron, who said that restrictions might get relaxed in some areas where the Coronavirus infection rates are continuously dropping.

The Health Pass was introduced back in June by the country’s authorities after the Parliament approved a draft law that requires all persons within the country to hold either a vaccination certificate, proof of recovery from the disease, or a negative Coronavirus test result that has been carried out recently in order to have access to bars, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres, planes, trains and so on.

However, the requirement to hold a health pass to access some public areas became fully functional in August, reports.

Even though those who hold a negative test result carried out recently fall under the same rules as those who have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease, Macron suggested that everyone gets vaccinated since it is more convenient to present a vaccination certificate rather than undergo COVID-19 testing every 48 hours.

“The “health pass” is implemented as part of the national reopening plan. It makes it possible to limit the risks of epidemic spread, to minimize the probability of contamination in risky situations, and therefore the pressure on the healthcare system while allowing certain activities or places to be kept open in addition to the health protocols specific to each individual sector,” the Government’s statement reads.

Tourists are also required to hold the health pass in order to be permitted access to certain places and services.

In addition, except for the adult population, as of September 30, the health pass requirement will also become mandatory for all youngsters aged 12 to 17 who wish to attend certain places and events.

Minors aged between 12 and 16 years only need consent from one parent to undergo testing or take the COVID-19 vaccine. Whereas those over the age of 16 can decide on their own whether they want to get vaccinated.

Based on recent figures provided by the French Government, around 50 million of the country’s population has received at least a single dose of the vaccine against the COVID-19.

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