The Best Vegan Recipes Using Sunflower Seeds

It comes as absolutely no surprise to most of you that I am an avid user and huge supporter of sunflower seeds. I constantly talk about how underrated they are on my Instagram all of the time. I mean really, cashews move aside! Sunflower seeds are more affordable, nutritious and allergen-friendly. A lot of people have a nut allergy. All products containing nuts aren’t school-friendly so the reality of the matter is sunflower seeds are also more kid-friendly too.

Below I’m gathered some of my absolute favorite recipes that use sunflower seeds as a main or supporting component. Usually in place of recipes that would traditionally call for nuts. I can assure you the flavor and texture is virtually the same in all of these. Scroll through the list below. Click on the title to be taken directly to the recipe.

I’ve always been a huge proponent for sunflower seeds because they’re infinitely more budget-friendly and typically more accessible too. Most of these recipes call for raw sunflower seeds, I recommend only buying raw because they have a longer shelf-life and you can always roast them later on, if needed.

Classic Vegan Caesar Salads (Nut-Free)

Vegan Herbed Fromage Blanc Dip

Vegan Superseed Coconut Clusters | Gluten-Free + Kid-Friendly | The Plant Philosophy

Vegan Cheesy Baked Spinach Dip | Gluten-Free & Oil-Free | The Plant Philosophy

Vegan Nut-Free Tzatziki Dip (10-Ingredients!) | Gluten-Free & Oil-Free | The Plant Philosophy


The Best Vegan Recipes Using Sunflower Seeds


If you recreate any of these Sunflower Seed recipes let me know how you like them by leaving a comment below and/or by tagging me on Instagram @PlantPhilosophy, I love seeing all of your beautiful recreations, they truly make my day! Want even more content? You can subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram, Youtube and/or Pinterest so you never miss a beat!


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