18 people die over last week as deaths begin to fall

A further 18 people died from Covid-19 last week, the latest official figures on coronavirus deaths from the HSE show.

This brings to 5,652 the number of deaths from the coronavirus over the course of the pandemic, according to the weekly report from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

The HPSC said that the 18 deaths were people who died between November 17th and 23rd and do not include deaths reported during that period but with an earlier date of death.

Additional deaths occurring during the past week may yet be reported to the HPSC, the HSE unit that tracks the extent and impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the State.

The National Public Health Emergency Team said on Wednesday that there were 43 newly notified deaths related to Covid-19 over the past week. This figure includes deaths with an earlier date of death prior to the previous week.

The HPSC figures show the number of weekly deaths has fallen steadily over the past three weeks, from 25 in the first week of November to 22 in the second week of the month.

The mean age of the most recent deaths was 63 and the median age was 66.

In this fourth wave of the pandemic, there have been 112 deaths from Covid-19 this month, compared with 198 during the month of October and 175 in September.

Of the total 5,652 deaths during the pandemic, 3,017 – or 53 per cent – have been men and 2,635 – or 47 per cent – have been women. Some 85 per cent had an underlying health condition.

Just over 11 per cent, or 656 people who died, had been admitted to intensive care.

Where their working status was known, 19 of the people who died were healthcare workers.

The majority of the deaths have been in older age groups, with 41 per cent of fatalities occurring among those aged 85 and over, 33 per cent in the 75- to 84-year-old age group and 16 per cent in the 65- to 74-year-old age group.

People ranging in age from 14 to 105 had died from the virus. Some 1.2 per cent of deaths, or 66 people, were people aged 44 and younger. Overall, the median age was 82 and mean age was 80.

Just over half of all deaths, 2,884 people, took place in a hospital and a further 36 per cent occurred in a residential institution such as a nursing home, community hospital or long-stay unit.

Among the 3,578 deaths linked to Covid-19 outbreaks, 62 per cent occurred in nursing homes, 24 per cent in hospitals and 4 per cent in community hospitals and long-stay units.

January 2021, the peak of the third wave of the pandemic, was the worst month for Covid-19 deaths with 1,420 people dying that month, followed by April 2020 when there were 1,161 deaths.

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